Using the Universal Laws with the New Presidency 2017

Donald Trump is now president of the United States.  While I want to avoid talking about politics here, I do want to guide you into using the universal laws to help you, if you need help, in dealing with the new presidency.

So many people are putting a lot of negative energy into their frequency that they do not realize they are causing more problems for their future selves. Remember, your reality of your today is from your past thoughts, emotions and actions, and your future reality is from the thoughts, emotions and actions of your today.

If you are not a Trump fan and you are fighting against this presidency, then you are bringing many more things – events, situations, people – into your life to fight. That is the Law of Attraction right here, bottom line. You do not have to agree with President Trump, but the more you protest, talk vehemently, and overreact about this presidency, the more you will be making yourself miserable.
Using the universal laws to better tolerate, accept and deal with President Trump, is a win-win situation all the way around for everyone. Let me ask you this… do you want to be part of the solution or do you want to stay in the problem and be angry and unhappy?
The Law of Attraction – The strongest of all of the Universal laws is the law of attraction.  How you are vibrating emotionally is what you attract back to you.  When you talk negatively about President Trump, when you scream and holler in a rally opposing his presidency, when you think about how horrible the US will be, as I mentioned above, you are inviting anything and everything else, that matches that energy, into your life.  Then you wonder why your life is hard or unfair; or you want to blame someone else for your problems.
I am always a proponent for sending blessings/peace, love, joy/happiness, health, well-being to a person or people, especially if I am not feeling so warm and fuzzy towards that person/people.
Example: “I send you a life of blessings.”  “I hold the vision for you to experience peace, love and joy every day.”  “May you experience happiness, health and well-being through all of your days.”
Send healing, loving light to President Trump.  Hold the vision for Trump to be a great president.  Send him compassion.  Doing these activities soothes your energy first and foremost, in addition to helping President Trump.
Remember. you need do this more than just once to make a difference.  One time will not make a dramatic change, but it is a start.  Get a group of your friends together on a regular basis and hold positive energy sessions for the new presidency.  It sure beats the anti-Trump rallies and it fills you with more positive energy.  Hey, who couldn’t use more positive energy in their lives?
Know you cannot change another person. BUT, when you change your energy – your thoughts and emotions, everything around you changes.
The Law of Allowing – This law can bring you freedom in every area of your life.  It is a principle of no resistance and of little action.
It does not mean you agree with what is going on.  When you can be in allowing mode more often, you will find over time that you are more at ease with the surrounding circumstances, and you then have more ease and flow in your life.
Incorporating some of the routines mentioned above will help lessen resistance. Holding your hand over heart and simply breathing in and out will help lessen resistance.  As I mentioned in my previous email, you can silently add the word, “ease” to your breathing.
While this may sound very basic, it is very powerful.  Do it for 30 days and see for yourself.  Do it for 40 days and experience a change in consciousness.  Do this for 90 days and grow new neural pathways in your brain.  What do you have to lose?  Maybe some anger, resistance or any other negative emotions?  Hmmm… sounds good to me.
This is a very easy way to be pro-active towards a solution instead of fighting against something that is only going to hurt you in the long run.
I love the quote by Mother Theresa, “If you invite me to an antiwar rally I will not be there. If you invite me to a pro-peace rally, I will come.”  So the anti-Trump rallies will not work.  You are hurting yourself, bottom line.
Remember all of the ruckus around Obama when he first became president?  It was not as bad as we are experiencing now, but I can remember hearing a lot of not-so-positive things that I choose to avoid writing any more about it, because I choose to avoid that negative energy.  So with that being said, you can choose to avoid being caught up in the negative energy of other people.
You can choose a better feeling thought – always!  It is always choice.  There is another meaning to “Turn the other cheek.” When you turn the other cheek, you are also changing your point of focus.  You are choosing to look at something better, something that feels better.
Please avoid the, “But…” “But…” “Buuutttttt…”  Trying to make a point, a negative point, only keeps your energy down.
The Law of Non-resistance – You cannot control what happens but you can control your attitude.  This is about responding appropriately instead of reacting, as in over-reacting.
I love the quote from Star Trek Next Gen and the Borg, “Resistance is futile.” Resistance only brings more resistance into your life.
The law of non-resistance is similar with the law of allowing – that it is a principle of no resistance and of little action.
Incorporating meditation into your life is a very easy way to use the law of non-resistance.  You can start off with five minutes a day; then go up to five minutes twice a day, and so on.
The Law of Detachment: It is the law about TRUST!  People say they trust, but most people live in fear and doubt (anti – whatever rallies are not about trust, they are fear based).
During the flu epidemic of 1918, a doctor (I apologize I cannot find his name) stated, “Fear is more contagious than the flu.”  That was a very powerful statement to be made at that time, during that situation – but it is very true.
Working with this law, you want to detach from the outcome – especially the negative outcome that you have in your thoughts.  Again, it is holding the vision for the best outcome, and detaching from how that happens.
Ways to work with this law:
  • Step into the fields of possibilities.  What if Trump could be a great president?  It is always possible.
  • Meditate – lessens resistance and allows all possibilities.
We are in a new era of our lives.  How do you want to go through these new changes?  The choice is yours.  Yes, I keep saying it, but bears repeating.
When you use the universal laws as I mentioned above, you will make this presidential transition with ease and grace.  It’s always possible you will benefit in other ways, in other area of your life that you cannot even imagine.  Again, the choice is yours.
Remember too, all of the low-vibrational energy with resistance and negative thoughts and words flows through your body and lands somewhere, causing illness. What do you choose for your life?
Here’s to your many blessings, peace, love, joy, abundance and prosperity.
Colleen Humphries, RN, Best-Selling Author, Speaker, Breakthrough Coach
Author of Deliberate Creation from A-Z: Living Your Life by DesignUnleash the Power of Your Mind – Breakthrough to Your Success



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