The Energy of Your Thoughts

I want to thank Rich Williams RN, Editor & Founder Nurses fyi Magazine, an online Nursing magazine at, for asking me to write an article.  Since I love to write, it was right up my alley.

Nurses fyi magazine  I have been interested in the “energy of things” ever since I learned in grade school that everything had energy, even rocks. I thought that was amazing. How could rocks have energy?  They do not move.

Over the years I would check knick knacks and such to see if they moved, even the slightest amount. Even though I never did see any movement in the dust, I was still fascinated with the idea that everything had energy.

I became a Registered Nurse in my early 20s and was drawn to various holistic, and energy modalities. Back then the internet had not been invented so learning about such topics took more time for me.

I did not realize that I was experiencing burnout early in my nursing career. With that, it was difficult for me to focus on learning about meditation, acupressure, Reiki, EFT (emotional freedom technique), chi gong and others. I could not concentrate enough to learn like I wanted to do so at that time. I was persistent over the years though, because I knew there was something life-changing in those modalities.

My burnout grew over the years and I became unapproachable to my coworkers. On several occasions I almost lost my job due to my attitude. I became an F-bomb dropping, trash can-kicking, chart-throwing nurse.

Because I did not absorb all of what I read, I initially did not realize that thoughts are things, thoughts have energy and thoughts create. Luckily after a series of events over a three year period, I was introduced to the Universal Laws in 2006 and as they say, the rest is history.

It all made sense to me. Having a computer at this point definitely helped – online seminars, downloadable material, and internet searches made what I was learning over the previous years about energy was so much easier to understand. I felt like I had struck gold.

What I learned was, I created my burnout – me, my thoughts, my emotions, my beliefs – it was all me. That knowledge helped me feel more hopeful. If I created my burnout, then I could un-create it.

Today we know so much more about the brain and how it works. Take neural plasticity: The brain’s ability to reorganize itself by forming new neural connections throughout life. Neuroplasticity allows the neurons (nerve cells) in the brain to compensate for injury and disease and to adjust their activities in response to new situations or to changes in their environment. (

I bring this up so you know how powerful the brain really is so you can understand how your thoughts, beliefs, and emotions are creating the circumstances in your life, personally and professionally.

While I was in my burnout, I did not realize that my thoughts were feeding off of each other. The neural pathways in my brain that were of the negative, burned-out kind were getting bigger, thicker and stronger.

It takes 17 seconds to activate a vibration of the thought you are having and when you reach 68 seconds (17×4), you start to attract more like thoughts. If your thoughts are positive, you will create/attract more positive thoughts. The polar opposite is true – if your thoughts are negative, you will create/attract more negative thoughts. You are also creating thicker, stronger neural pathways of those kinds of thoughts.

When you have thick, strong neural pathways of a certain kind of thinking, you will have constant thoughts of that particular nature, positive or negative.

So in my burnout, I created more burned-out thoughts and negative circumstances in my life in which to feel more burned-out. It was a continual cycle.

Because thoughts are things, whatever you think about is creating your circumstances. If you think and believe that work is difficult or that it “sucks,” then it will be difficult and it will suck for you. When you think and believe that the management where you work does not care about you and what you are doing, then you will constantly prove that to be a truth. If you constantly look at a particular patient as being difficult, that patient can only be difficult to and for you.

When I host a seminar, I love showing the participants how powerful their thoughts are, positive and negative with a kinesiology demonstration. What we think (and talk) about another affects the other person without her/his knowledge of it.

It is the energy of it all. Since our brain is filled with a complex series of energy pathways and chemical reactions, when we have thoughts the energy goes out into the universe and chemicals excrete into our body. There is a part of our brain – the reticular activating system – that is a filter. Since we receive a million bits of information at any given time and we cannot take it all in, the RAS filters out what is not important, so to say. When you put your focus on a particular thing – person or situation, positive or negative – the RAS will bring more of what you are focusing into your experience.

Again, if you constantly think negatively about your job, a particular patient, or the management, the more that negativity will be brought into your life. Then with the Universal Laws (and there are several), the laws of vibration and attraction, you create more negative situations and people. It is a never-ending cycle when you do not realize what is happening. In the universal energy of things, where you put your focus is what you get. How you are vibrating is what you are attracting back to you.

Once I learned about the energy of my thoughts, I could change my life. Dr. Wayne Dyer wrote a book, Change Your Thoughts, Change Your Life on that very subject.
In my burnout, I thought if everyone else would change then I could be feel better and be happy. What I found out, I was the one to change so I could be happy. It did not matter what anyone else was doing or saying. I was the one who decided to put my focus on something I did not like, or I was the one who decided to react negatively to what someone else said or did.

If I continued to wait for someone else to change so I could be happy, I could be waiting an awfully long time to be happy. And most likely, the other person would not change the way I wanted her or him to do and I would still be unhappy.

I had to change – not my coworkers, not the management, not my patients, and not anyone else but me.

Because where we put our focus energy flows, I started to put my focus on what I wanted. I began to focus on the solution instead of the problem.

I put my focus on:

  • Having easy-going patient
  • Enjoying my work day
  • Having time for lunch with my coworkers
  • Having time to teach my patients (whatever teaching needed to be done)
  • Getting along with/understanding the management
  • Getting off work on time

I held my patients in a higher light/vision for healing and well-being. I began to see them healthy, whole and complete. The more I could see them that way, the easier time they could have with healing and getting well.

When I spent any time with a patient I had the person think back to a time when s/he felt well. Any time someone can focus on feeling well, that energy starts to flow throughout her/his body – down on a cellular level. It only takes a few minutes to start to make a powerful change within. The more the person can focus on well-being instead of being stuck in an illness mindset, the more thoughts on health and wellness the person will have too.

I incorporated meditation into my daily habit so I could change my internal energy and also be open to the universal wisdom. My intuition became stronger, and with that, I could be more tuned into my patient’s needs. It also helped me to be calmer and therefore tolerate and understand management better.

I used EFT/tapping to deal with stress as well. Emotional Freedom Technique works on the amygdala, a part of the brain that deals with the fight/flight response, and calms the nervous system. It only takes 90 seconds of tapping to make an energetic change.
In doing the inner work to change me, my outer world changed. Because my focus and beliefs changed, the people around me changed. My over-reacting became more focused responses.

Some changes are immediate and some changes take more time. Give time the time it takes. It goes with the Laws of Gestation and Allowing – every seed that is planted takes a certain amount of time to grow. When we are in a state of allowing, we are not in resistance and therefore we can get a better outcome.

Know that you have the capability to change every circumstance in your life. Do you dare to make the necessary changes with your thoughts and emotions, even if everyone else stays the same? I challenge you to go for it!



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