OCMD 012

 “Two years ago my life seemed to be taking a downward spiral. Work, relationships, financial difficulties; nothing was going right in my life. I felt sad, depressed, lonely, anxious, and stressed. At that time in my life tears were frequent and nothing seemed to bring me joy.  I knew much of this sadness was job related.  I felt that I had met my plateau in nursing. I had always loved my job and felt blessed that I could go to work each day and  love what I did. But it wasn’t there anymore. The joy in nursing was gone.  I knew I was in “nurse  burnout”.

So on a day when I was feeling very low and depressed I googled “Nurse Burnout”. This is how I met Colleen Humphries.  In this depressed, sad state I was in, I emailed her about my hopelessness and feelings of sadness; that the joy was gone in my job.  Her response to me was almost instant.  I received an email asking if she could call so we could talk. Colleen was friendly, kind and knew just the right things to say.  I felt so comfortable talking with her.  She seemed to really understand the sadness I was feeling, that the joy wasn’t there anymore in my nursing job.  She was so comfortable talking about her own experience in nursing burnout.  I had admitted out loud that I was burned out (that was not easy for me to do at that time) and she wasn’t judging me. 

Colleen has been my life coach now for 2 years.  She has been there through my nurse burnout, loss of loved ones, worked with me getting my finances in order, but the most important was working with me on relationships, with my spouse, friends, coworkers, and bosses. She has worked with me to change my energy and my thoughts, and today my life is full of excitement and joy. While life can still be challenging at times, Colleen has given me the tools to live a more abundant and joyful life. 

Since I started working with Colleen, her focus in coaching has changed from Nurse-Burnout to Successful Mindset Coaching.  Now that I have worked through my burnout with Colleen’s guidance,  I am reaching new levels of success in my life, personally and professionally.  The timing was perfect for me.  I love my job and my life today and I am excited to see what else I can create/manifest in my life...” Jodie H from MI  

***Jodie and Colleen got to meet in person at a seminar in OCMD where Colleen was a speaker.


Colleen has a special gift for inspiring change.  Not only does she demonstrate a zest for life, she knows exactly how to stimulate deep, personal reflection in a renewed sense of empowerment and passion.”  Sheila C.



       Sharon “In working with Colleen and her asking me powerful questions about what I want in my life, has helped me come up with answers and gain clarity to move forward in all areas of my life, my career, my relationships, and my own inner self.  Working with Colleen has opened my mind to the positive power of the Universe.  She is the most positive, enthusiastic, and energetic person that I have ever known.  She holds these qualities deep within her cellular consciousness, and is truly a constant shing star.”  Sharon Kay, Holistic Healing Practitioner/Event Planner


         Susan“Colleen Humphries is a fabulous life coach and inspirational speaker.  Colleen exudes a tremendous amount of powerful energy and spirit through her voice and presence.   She is compassionate, patient and has a keen ability to use her
insight and knowledge to help you see your own power and possibility for transformation.  Colleen has helped me to find my own voice, believe in myselfand take action by using her knowledge, support and wide range of skills in holistic healing and law of attraction coaching. If you want to get to the truth of your life quickly and simply, talk to Colleen.   And if you want to create massive shifts in your well being and life path, she is your girl.” ~Susan Plucknett, CoFounder of The Women’s Wellness Project

“Colleen was superb at getting my head turned around.  Like she about herself on her “About Me” page: “I thought I was a positive person.”  Me too!  And after our first session, I continued to realize how negative I was about money.  No wonder it wasn’t coming!  Even while we were on the calls she helped me rephrase things, which was every helpful, because without her there, I would  never have spotted those unproductive words and phrases.  Additionally, whe gave me tools and reviewed them with me each time.  I’m totally fortunate to have worked with her.  She literally changed my life.”            Judy R.  CT


          Rachel“Colleen’s no-nonsense approach helps you get to the heart of any issue.  She then guides you to solutions using her powerful coaching techniques and by asking the perfect questions.  She is an inspirational woman and an excellent coach.”    Rachel C-N