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The Energy of Your Thoughts

I want to thank Rich Williams RN, Editor & Founder Nurses fyi Magazine, an online Nursing magazine at www.nursesfyi.com, for asking me to write an article.  Since I love to write, it was right up my alley.   I have been interested in the “energy of things” ever since I learned in grade school that … Continue reading

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Rephrasing a What is to How You Want it to BE

You might have a tendency of talking about things as exactly how they are.  When you do that, you keep things exactly the way they are.  The situation can not change when you keep the energy of what is…what is. I never have it easy.  It’s always been hard for me to get ahead.  I … Continue reading

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The Energy of Your Words

I was thinking about that, the energy of our words,  while I was driving home from my Meetup group that I put on tonight.  I have talked about this before in the past to people and it dawned on me again tonight.  It dawned on me because I caught myself thinking about all of the things … Continue reading

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