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What Commands Are You Giving Your Subconscious Mind?

What you say about yourself goes to such a deep level within you that you can create problems without realizing it.  A while back I had written about what we say at any given time we are affirming to be true.  And when we talk about ourselves, especially in the negative, our subconscious hears it … Continue reading

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Other People’s Stuff…

Other People’s Stuff… Other people’s opinions, attitudes, beliefs and anything else about them that can cause you to feel resistance will keep from receiving what you want.  In working with the Laws of Allowing and Detachment you gain freedom in all areas of your life.  There is less resistance, therefore more alignment, lack of judgment, an … Continue reading

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Did you know that no one can make you feel any particular way?  It is a choice to feel angry or sad or happy!  Our feelings are necessary and not meant to be squashed down inside of us.  It’s just that no one is responsible for the way we feel except for ourselves.  Hmmm, you … Continue reading

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Thoughts and Beliefs

Did you know that a belief is a dominant thought that you keep having over and over.  You hold that thought into your mind for so long that it really does become your belief.  Then from there is becomes your truth–your reality.  It is said that we have over 50,000 thousand thoughts each day.  So … Continue reading

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