Rephrasing a What is to How You Want it to BE

I am always happy!

You might have a tendency of talking about things as exactly how they are.  When you do that, you keep things exactly the way they are.  The situation can not change when you keep the energy of what is…what is.

I never have it easy.  It’s always been hard for me to get ahead.  I can never get ahead.  I always find my job difficult to do.  The people around me are so negative.  I work so hard to improve my situation and nothing happens.  How come things never go my way?  How come everyone else always get what they want and I don’t?  Can you relate to some of those examples?  Start to notice what you are saying to see if you can hear when you are talking like that to others or even your own self.

Good re-frames or re-phrasings are:  “Up until now….”  or “I’m in the process….”.  Both of these phrases change the energy of what is currently going on to a lessening of resistance.  “Up until now I have had a hard time getting ahead, but I’m in the process of having an easier time of things.”  I used both re-frames there.  You can use one or both.  Up until now I have always worked so hard to improve my situation, and now I am in the process of having good things go my way.”

When you say the, “I’m in the process…” you do not know how that is going to happen.  It’s part of the Law of Allowing.  When you rephrase what you are saying to be more of what you want, you are allowing the Universe to bring it to you.  When you allow the Universe to bring it to you and let go of the attachment the Universe can bring it to you better than you could have ever expected it to happen.

“I am in the process of being around more positive people.”  When you state that over and over (kind of like an affirmation—but remember, what ever we say we are affirming to be true), the Universe will deliver to you.  You will start to have more positive people come into your life.

I know I had said that for a long time….”I don’t have a lot of people around me that think like me.”  So, I continued to not have a lot of people around me to think like me.  Then I started saying, “Up until now I did not have a lot of people around me who think like me, but now I am in the process of attracting more like-minded people into my life.”  Then over time, more and more like-minded people started coming along.  I met them at different seminars in which I was going.  I met them at different networking events.  They were out there.  I needed to allow myself to be guided to go where they are.

Also, the more you can eliminate the words, “Never” and “Always” from your vocabulary, the easier your life will be.  The easier it will be for you to get the results that you want!  The Universe can only give you what you are focused on or how you are vibrating.  So when you see and talk in “Nevers” and “Always” then that is how it will be…Always.

Now that I have written that, I do want to add one thing to the “Always.”  If you want to state your “Always” in a positive statement, then by all means say it!  “The Universe is Always out to do me good.”  “Things always go my way.”  “I always get what I want.”  “I always feel good.”  “I am always happy.”  Those phrases are great to say because the Universe will want to keep giving you reasons to the “Always” going in your life.

Call to action:  Eliminate the word, “Never” from your vocabulary.  Eliminate the word, “Always” as it is used negatively in your speaking.  Do this NOW!  Start to incorporate the reframes:  “Up until now….” and “I’m in the process of….”  Catch other people speaking in the negative and inform them how to rephrase what they are saying.  Only use the word,”Always” in a positive way/statement.

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