Book – Rapid Change – For Busy Heart-Centered Women


Rapid Change for Busy Heart Centered Women who want to be their best version is leading the way for women to transform in the 21st Century.  The heart heals all, allows for patience, gratitude, emotion, simplicity, generosity, grace, understanding, awareness, life force, and meaningful intention that allows for letting go.

In this book, 30 Women including your truly, all experts in their field, have come together to take the complication out of complicated change.  With their proven methods and models of success, each woman is given the tools to transition herself from everyday surviving to everyday thriving, being the best version of herself.

The benefits and empowerment of collaboration are endless; in this book you will tap into the knowledge of 30 extraordinary women who will broaden your horizons, raise your consciousness, and lead you to better living through sharing their own experiences.

Rapid change is possible through the understanding and implementation of the four aspects of yourself, in this book the Whole Self model shows you how and why it is possible.  So how do you reach this best version of you?  You’ve already taken the first step by picking up this book.  Face yourself, your fears, and insecurities head on all with the help in this book.