Happy Halloween – and – I Did it!!!

I did it!!!  I did the 30 day Blog challenge!  WooHoo!  I am really proud of myself!!!

Happy Halloween!!!!   Are you in the Halloween Spirit?  Can you allow yourself to have some fun with all of the devastating effects of Hurricane Sandy that are occurring?  Over the years I have heard people say that they cannot be happy or feel good or celebrate an occasion when something sad or bad happens.  They think  they have to feel bad or guilty.

I will tell you this, when you decide or choose to stay feeling sad or guilty over a situation or event, you are not helping the people who are experiencing the devastation.   What you are doing is staying in that low vibration and if you continue to stay there, then you will start to attract more of those kinds of situations into your life.  Unless you are physically going to do something to help the people experiencing the devastation, feeling bad, sad, or guilty doesn’t help the other person out at all, and it only hurts you.

So in the spirit of Halloween, I put on some whiskers, some black on my nose, a little headband with cat ears, and a leopard print shirt and went out and about.  I had some things to do today and I thought I would see a lot of people dressed up for Halloween.  I saw less than 5 people.  I really was surprised.  Getting dressed up and getting into the Halloween spirit can really boost your energy and your psyche.

Loving Halloween!

I love the feeling of Halloween and the memories of being a young girl getting all excited about getting dressed up and going Trick or Treating.  The Halloween parties were always so much fun.  And if today is your birthday,  I hope you have a Spooktacular day!!!!

I love answering the door dressed up and having fun with the kids that come by.  I like letting them know that you are never too old to be in the Halloween spirit and have fun with it.

When I was actively working in nursing, this was one day that I never felt Burned out.  I dressed up every year and just had so much fun.  The patients loved it.  I just didn’t realize back then that I could have fun no matter what at work or any where else in my life.

Call to action:  Start having fun or feeling good despite of what in going on around you NOW!  Yes, you need to feel your initial feelings, but as soon as you can start to move up the emotional scale and feel better to good to great!

If you are a nurse experiencing Burnout and you are ready to feel alive again in your job and home life, contact me at colleen@colleenhumphries.com for a complimentary strategy session to see how I can guide you to move out of Burnout and back into your life the way you want it.  You can have it your way!!!!





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