From Frustrated to Fulfilled

From Frustrated to Fulfilled picLet’s hear it for “From Frustrated to Fulfilled,” a new book for nurses.  It is a great guide, filled with resources and gifts, literally and acronym-ically (okay, I made up a word), for nurses every where from new to seasoned, and even the disabled.  The collaboration of a variety of nurses gives many perspectives for the reader to be able to relate.

If you feel disillusioned, dis-empowered, tired, or lost your love for nursing, this book can guide you back to “fall in love with nursing” all over again, as that is Lorie Brown’s and the other nurses’ intention for you.

Throughout the chapters there are personal stories, many of which took me back to the same experiences I had – having to go off of the unit to get a supply, instead of having the “supply personnel” bring it me – dealing with non-supportive management – dealing with dinosaurs and more.  What is great about each chapter are the “Empowering Action Steps” that can be incorporated immediately to make changes NOW personally and professionally, and can be used repeatedly for years to come.

You can feel the passion from each nurse who contributed to this book.  There is such inspiration with the “Empowered Action Steps,” you know that these women want change ASAP for all nurses.

While I love every page of this book, the last chapter, “EMPOWERED NURSES ARE CHANGE-MAKERS” is my favorite because it is one that I would have written.

“If you do want to create an environment where you can thrive in your nursing practice and be an empowered nurse, you must first believe that change is possible!”  (Lorie Brown)  That is a must – believing change is possible.

“It takes just one nurse at a time to commit to being the source and to make the
changes necessary for empowerment. You are the common denominator in your life
and your career. And you can make the changes necessary to have an amazing life and
an amazing career by using your GIFTS to become a change maker and be an
empowered nurse.”  (Lorie Brown)

Know that you can be an empowered nurse in your career and you can have that empowerment in all aspects of your life.

Do you dare to be an empowered nurse?  When will you start?






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