Can You Really Have Ideal Patients or Ideal Clients?

Do you believe that you can have ideal patients or ideal clients/customers?  There is away to have what you want with your patients, clients and customers.

Think about all of the qualities in a patient that you would like to have.  Do you want patients who are: interested in learning; easy to get along with; are interested in knowing about their medications; and who are willing to deep breathe, cough and walk after surgery?  How about having patients who call for help vs. getting up on their own when they are unsteady on their feet?  Do you want patients who sleep through the night?  Would you like your patients to send a letter to the hospital executives stating what a great Nurse you are?

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If you are in the corporate world, what would you like with your clients/customers?  Would you like them to be repeat clients?  Would you like them to refer other clients/customers to you?  What would you like in them?

With the Law of Attraction, what you focus on you get.  So start to focus on what you want in your patients and your clients/customers.  Get your other coworkers or business partners in on this process.  The power of all of you focusing on the same characteristics of what you want collectively will expand the energy and make it stronger.  Remember, there is power in numbers.

Remember too, to focus on what you want vs. what you don’t want.  Instead of saying that you don’t want patients who are difficult, state it that you want patients who are easy going.  Imagine how the energy of the unit can change.

Call to Action:  Make a list of all of the characteristics that you would like in your patients and clients/customers.  Be as specific as possible.  Focus on the characteristics daily to twice a day.  Get into the feeling of having what you want.  Allow the time it takes for the changes to occur.

Contact me at for a complimentary strategy session to see how I can guide you to having your ideal patients/clients/customers.  If you are a Nurse experiencing Burnout, contact me to see how I can guide you out of Burnout and how you can have more control over what happens at work.

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