From Frustrated to Fulfilled

From Frustrated to Fulfilled picLet’s hear it for “From Frustrated to Fulfilled,” a new book for nurses.  It is a great guide, filled with resources and gifts, literally and acronym-ically (okay, I made up a word), for nurses every where from new to seasoned, and even the disabled.  The collaboration of a variety of nurses gives many perspectives for the reader to be able to relate.

If you feel disillusioned, dis-empowered, tired, or lost your love for nursing, this book can guide you back to “fall in love with nursing” all over again, as that is Lorie Brown’s and the other nurses’ intention for you.

Throughout the chapters there are personal stories, many of which took me back to the same experiences I had – having to go off of the unit to get a supply, instead of having the “supply personnel” bring it me – dealing with non-supportive management – dealing with dinosaurs and more.  What is great about each chapter are the “Empowering Action Steps” that can be incorporated immediately to make changes NOW personally and professionally, and can be used repeatedly for years to come.

You can feel the passion from each nurse who contributed to this book.  There is such inspiration with the “Empowered Action Steps,” you know that these women want change ASAP for all nurses.

While I love every page of this book, the last chapter, “EMPOWERED NURSES ARE CHANGE-MAKERS” is my favorite because it is one that I would have written.

“If you do want to create an environment where you can thrive in your nursing practice and be an empowered nurse, you must first believe that change is possible!”  (Lorie Brown)  That is a must – believing change is possible.

“It takes just one nurse at a time to commit to being the source and to make the
changes necessary for empowerment. You are the common denominator in your life
and your career. And you can make the changes necessary to have an amazing life and
an amazing career by using your GIFTS to become a change maker and be an
empowered nurse.”  (Lorie Brown)

Know that you can be an empowered nurse in your career and you can have that empowerment in all aspects of your life.

Do you dare to be an empowered nurse?  When will you start?




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The Energy of Your Thoughts

I want to thank Rich Williams RN, Editor & Founder Nurses fyi Magazine, an online Nursing magazine at, for asking me to write an article.  Since I love to write, it was right up my alley.

Nurses fyi magazine  I have been interested in the “energy of things” ever since I learned in grade school that everything had energy, even rocks. I thought that was amazing. How could rocks have energy?  They do not move.

Over the years I would check knick knacks and such to see if they moved, even the slightest amount. Even though I never did see any movement in the dust, I was still fascinated with the idea that everything had energy.

I became a Registered Nurse in my early 20s and was drawn to various holistic, and energy modalities. Back then the internet had not been invented so learning about such topics took more time for me.

I did not realize that I was experiencing burnout early in my nursing career. With that, it was difficult for me to focus on learning about meditation, acupressure, Reiki, EFT (emotional freedom technique), chi gong and others. I could not concentrate enough to learn like I wanted to do so at that time. I was persistent over the years though, because I knew there was something life-changing in those modalities.

My burnout grew over the years and I became unapproachable to my coworkers. On several occasions I almost lost my job due to my attitude. I became an F-bomb dropping, trash can-kicking, chart-throwing nurse.

Because I did not absorb all of what I read, I initially did not realize that thoughts are things, thoughts have energy and thoughts create. Luckily after a series of events over a three year period, I was introduced to the Universal Laws in 2006 and as they say, the rest is history.

It all made sense to me. Having a computer at this point definitely helped – online seminars, downloadable material, and internet searches made what I was learning over the previous years about energy was so much easier to understand. I felt like I had struck gold.

What I learned was, I created my burnout – me, my thoughts, my emotions, my beliefs – it was all me. That knowledge helped me feel more hopeful. If I created my burnout, then I could un-create it.

Today we know so much more about the brain and how it works. Take neural plasticity: The brain’s ability to reorganize itself by forming new neural connections throughout life. Neuroplasticity allows the neurons (nerve cells) in the brain to compensate for injury and disease and to adjust their activities in response to new situations or to changes in their environment. (

I bring this up so you know how powerful the brain really is so you can understand how your thoughts, beliefs, and emotions are creating the circumstances in your life, personally and professionally.

While I was in my burnout, I did not realize that my thoughts were feeding off of each other. The neural pathways in my brain that were of the negative, burned-out kind were getting bigger, thicker and stronger.

It takes 17 seconds to activate a vibration of the thought you are having and when you reach 68 seconds (17×4), you start to attract more like thoughts. If your thoughts are positive, you will create/attract more positive thoughts. The polar opposite is true – if your thoughts are negative, you will create/attract more negative thoughts. You are also creating thicker, stronger neural pathways of those kinds of thoughts.

When you have thick, strong neural pathways of a certain kind of thinking, you will have constant thoughts of that particular nature, positive or negative.

So in my burnout, I created more burned-out thoughts and negative circumstances in my life in which to feel more burned-out. It was a continual cycle.

Because thoughts are things, whatever you think about is creating your circumstances. If you think and believe that work is difficult or that it “sucks,” then it will be difficult and it will suck for you. When you think and believe that the management where you work does not care about you and what you are doing, then you will constantly prove that to be a truth. If you constantly look at a particular patient as being difficult, that patient can only be difficult to and for you.

When I host a seminar, I love showing the participants how powerful their thoughts are, positive and negative with a kinesiology demonstration. What we think (and talk) about another affects the other person without her/his knowledge of it.

It is the energy of it all. Since our brain is filled with a complex series of energy pathways and chemical reactions, when we have thoughts the energy goes out into the universe and chemicals excrete into our body. There is a part of our brain – the reticular activating system – that is a filter. Since we receive a million bits of information at any given time and we cannot take it all in, the RAS filters out what is not important, so to say. When you put your focus on a particular thing – person or situation, positive or negative – the RAS will bring more of what you are focusing into your experience.

Again, if you constantly think negatively about your job, a particular patient, or the management, the more that negativity will be brought into your life. Then with the Universal Laws (and there are several), the laws of vibration and attraction, you create more negative situations and people. It is a never-ending cycle when you do not realize what is happening. In the universal energy of things, where you put your focus is what you get. How you are vibrating is what you are attracting back to you.

Once I learned about the energy of my thoughts, I could change my life. Dr. Wayne Dyer wrote a book, Change Your Thoughts, Change Your Life on that very subject.
In my burnout, I thought if everyone else would change then I could be feel better and be happy. What I found out, I was the one to change so I could be happy. It did not matter what anyone else was doing or saying. I was the one who decided to put my focus on something I did not like, or I was the one who decided to react negatively to what someone else said or did.

If I continued to wait for someone else to change so I could be happy, I could be waiting an awfully long time to be happy. And most likely, the other person would not change the way I wanted her or him to do and I would still be unhappy.

I had to change – not my coworkers, not the management, not my patients, and not anyone else but me.

Because where we put our focus energy flows, I started to put my focus on what I wanted. I began to focus on the solution instead of the problem.

I put my focus on:

  • Having easy-going patient
  • Enjoying my work day
  • Having time for lunch with my coworkers
  • Having time to teach my patients (whatever teaching needed to be done)
  • Getting along with/understanding the management
  • Getting off work on time

I held my patients in a higher light/vision for healing and well-being. I began to see them healthy, whole and complete. The more I could see them that way, the easier time they could have with healing and getting well.

When I spent any time with a patient I had the person think back to a time when s/he felt well. Any time someone can focus on feeling well, that energy starts to flow throughout her/his body – down on a cellular level. It only takes a few minutes to start to make a powerful change within. The more the person can focus on well-being instead of being stuck in an illness mindset, the more thoughts on health and wellness the person will have too.

I incorporated meditation into my daily habit so I could change my internal energy and also be open to the universal wisdom. My intuition became stronger, and with that, I could be more tuned into my patient’s needs. It also helped me to be calmer and therefore tolerate and understand management better.

I used EFT/tapping to deal with stress as well. Emotional Freedom Technique works on the amygdala, a part of the brain that deals with the fight/flight response, and calms the nervous system. It only takes 90 seconds of tapping to make an energetic change.
In doing the inner work to change me, my outer world changed. Because my focus and beliefs changed, the people around me changed. My over-reacting became more focused responses.

Some changes are immediate and some changes take more time. Give time the time it takes. It goes with the Laws of Gestation and Allowing – every seed that is planted takes a certain amount of time to grow. When we are in a state of allowing, we are not in resistance and therefore we can get a better outcome.

Know that you have the capability to change every circumstance in your life. Do you dare to make the necessary changes with your thoughts and emotions, even if everyone else stays the same? I challenge you to go for it!

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~ A is for Agreement ~

As children, we didn’t have the opportunity to choose our beliefs, but we agreed with the information that was passed to us from the dream of the planet via other humans. The only way to store information is by agreement.                                                                       Don Miguel Ruiz                                          

As an addition to my book, Deliberate Creation from A-Z: Living Your Life by Design, a thought came to me the other day – A is for Agreement. Growing up, we did not know any better than to agree with the people around us, mainly family, teachers and friends with what they said was the truth. Later on, we agreed with the news – on TV and in papers and magazines.

We made an agreement with lack, poverty, illness, our family history “of how things are in our family,” and more.

In the Christian teachings of Jesus, people believe that he created all kinds of miracles.  Let me ask you this? How many blind or paralyzed people did he meet? How many prostitutes did he meet? How about starving people?

In understanding the Universal laws, which Jesus had full awareness, the answer to the above questions is, None! He did not make an agreement with their illness; he did not make an agreement with starvation. He believed in the people’s wellness and that is where he put his focus. He believed in abundance and he was able to bring forth the loaves and fishes.

Wellness and abundance are always there, but if we do not believe in them or we make the agreement with illness and lack, then we can not materialize wellness and abundance – they are just out of our reach.

I will say that there are times when agreements are necessary. There are times when it is good to agree to disagree. Business agreements are necessary, and so are prenuptial agreements for some people. And if you are like Sheldon Cooper from the Big Bang Theory, then relationship agreements are also good.  LOL.

There are times when you make an agreement to “keep the peace.” Only you know if that is what you need to do for your highest good. I ask you to check with yourself and if that agreement weakens you, then you may want to reconsider it.

Because the purpose of this book is to guide you to be a more deliberate creator in your life, I want you to look and see if the agreements in your life are serving you. It’s time to make new agreements that are more in alignment with your design for living your life, your way. When you start to do that, then other people around you can start to do the same in their lives. The more you live in your agreements, the more empowered you are and you show others the way to empowerment.

How can you start to make an agreement with abundance? With wellness? With success? With ease and flow? In the chapter ~A is for Afformations~ I mentioned asking questions in childlike wonder:

  • Where can I experience abundance in my life?
  • How can I feel abundant on a daily basis?
  • Why do I feel so alive and vibrant?
  • Why do I always feel so healthy?
  • How did I get to be so successful?
  • Why is success so easy for me to experience?
  • Why do I experience effortless ease in my life?

What agreements do you need to change and/or to make so you can be the life designer you came here to be?  When will you start?

Contact me at if you need help in becoming the designer of your life.

If you liked this bonus chapter ~ A is for Agreement ~ and you want more, you can get the rest of the book, Deliberate Creation from A-Z: Living Your Life by Design, Vol I, the A’s here:

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Abundance – Free Chapter from Deliberate Creation from A-Z: Living Your Life by Design

~ A is for Abundance ~

collrnebook120614Abundance is not something we acquire. It is something we tune into.  Wayne Dyer

 Abundance is a vibration, not a dollar amount in your bank account.  Carol Look

Abundance starts as a frequency in your mind and body. If you want to be a deliberate creator in your life, you must get into an abundance vibration and start thinking with an abundant mindset. When you know that abundance is a frequency, you have more control of your abundance attraction.

Now, I will admit there can be an abundance of so called “bad” things. And you can certainly have an abundance of negative situations, negative people, negative emotions, and anything else negative if you choose to put your focus there. For the purpose of this book, I will concentrate on the abundance of positive/good things, events, and people, especially since this is about Deliberately Creating and Designing Your Life on purpose!

There is abundance everywhere. Can you see it? Or better yet, can you feel it? Are you allowing it to flow into you or are you pinching it off?

Abundance is not just about how much money you have. It is about your relationships, your health and well-being and also, your time. Because abundance touches a variety of areas in your life, I will talk about abundance in various sections, but start with the subject of “money” since it carries so much importance within our society:

~ Money and Abundance ~

Do you ever feel like people do not deserve the money that they make? Do you feel like you do not deserve to make a lot of money? Do you think people with money are bad or untrustworthy? Do you blame the economy for your financial status? Oh, did I just strike a nerve there? With watching the news today and shows like CNN (constantly negative news . . . lol) all you hear about is how bad the economy is, so how can you think or feel abundant with all of that going on around you? I’ll let you in on a little secret . . . stop watching it and stop listening to it. Seriously. How does it make you feel when you watch negative, depressing news? Most likely you are not saying, “I feel abundant and uplifted.” If you are someone who can watch it and not be emotionally affected by it, then keep watching it. If you get emotionally charged or even depressed by the news, then I suggest that you avoid watching it.

I hear people say they want to stay informed and that is why they watch it. That is perfectly fine. But the thing is, to whose truth are they listening? If we are to be deliberate creators and intentional life designers, it is time for us to make our own truths no matter what others have to say.

It can be challenging. I have experienced the challenges firsthand and in the past I have allowed those challenges to affect me to where I lost my focus. And it cost me a lot! Today I listen to my truth.

There are many different pieces of information I want to share with you. One of them is that we live in an abundant Universe. This is based on the Universal Law of Sufficiency and Abundance which is the fourth of the Universal Laws – you have everything within you to manifest your dreams and desires; to have your life, your way.

The Universe is always totally and completely abundant. There is no lack! It’s just a belief that becomes some people’s reality because it’s what they heard growing up; it’s what they choose to believe; it’s where they choose to put their focus, so it becomes their reality, their truth.

Many of us were raised with a lack mindset, especially because of the Great Depression of 1929. More recently we have experienced a Recession from 2007 – 2009. Many do not feel that we have yet recovered from that. Remember that CNN reference on the previous page?

Abundance also is based on the Law of Giving and Receiving which states: the Universe operates through dynamic exchange. You must give and receive in order to keep wealth and affluence – or anything you want in life – circulating in your life.

Money is really a symbol of the life energy we exchange and the life energy we use as a result of the service we provide to the universe.

If we stop the circulation of money – our only intention is to hold on to our money and hoard it – since it is life energy, we will stop its circulation back into our lives as well. In order to keep that energy coming to us, we have to keep the energy circulating. Like a river, money must keep flowing, otherwise it begins to stagnate, to clog, to suffocate and strangle its very own life force. Circulation keeps it alive and vital.

There also is the Law of Supply which states: the Universe is filled with essential substance of every imaginable good that man can image, and that he is entitled to a full and ever increasing supply of any and every good he may need or desire. It is a law of perpetual increase, progress, and growth.

How would you feel if I told to you, “Your job is not your money, you ARE!” Say what? Are you thinking, “Colleen, you are crazy! Wa-acko!”? (I will admit I am wacko for Flacco – Baltimore Ravens quarterback…lol…couldn’t resist.)

I actually had those very words spoken to me on November 12, 2010, a day I remember well. I had a twenty minute bonus session with Christy Whitman, my QSCA coaching instructor, and she said that to me, “Your job is not your money. You are.” I knew what she meant. I felt a whole shift in energy throughout my body.

   It is all about what you think, believe, feel, and vibrate about abundance.

2 Corinthians 3:5 says, “But our sufficiency is of God.” With an understanding of God’s (Universal Laws) plan, you will know that you have sufficiency for your needs and an abundance of everything.

Our supply comes from the Invisible, Unlimited, and Opulent Power behind all forms of life. Every time you have a desire for something, the Universe expands and therefore, eventually provides for you what you want.

You need to feel that you are enough (i.e., sufficient) before you can have enough in your life. If you believe that you are not enough, the Universe will meet you where you are in your vibration and you will be met with not being enough. You need to FEEL and believe enough first, before you can attract what you want.

Let go of the naysayers and everyone who wants to stay in the lack mentality. Stand in your power to know that you are enough and allow your abundance into your life.

Avoid looking outside yourself to be enough. It is all inside of you! Avoid looking to other people for validation of the FACT that you are enough. I used to do that and when I was not getting the validation and I spiraled down. I knew better and got caught up in it anyway. While it’s nice to hear validation from others, know that you are enough!

You are met at the level of your beliefs. What you believe, in any aspect of your life, you will experience that in your life. You will always prove yourself right. It’s like self-fulfilled prophecies. I will discuss this more in the chapter, ~ B is for Belief ~.

~ Lack Mindset ~

Some people think and believe that money is bad and those who have a lot of money are bad. While the love of money, being hoarded and/or to hurt others is not a good thing, money itself is not “bad.” It is just an energy. What is your money vibration?

Do you fear not having enough money? If so, you block the flow of money coming to you and you set yourself up to attract more situations or circumstances in your life to fear. Been there and done that – over it!

As I previously mentioned, abundance is a mindset and an energy. It boils down to what you think, feel, believe, and perceive about money (or relationships/health/time).

If you think in lack, then lack will be on your doorstep, in your home, in your checkbook and bank accounts, in your business, and so many other places.

The more you focus on what you do not have or what is going “wrong” in your life, the more you cannot get what you want and the more things in your life will go “wrong.”

   I experienced this when I started out in my coaching career, and it was not pretty to say the least. I wrote about it in the book “F.A.I.T.H. – Finding Answers in the Heart” of which I am a collaborative author. I lost my vision and myself by getting caught up in the lack mindset all around me. I focused on everyone else’s negativity and I invited it into my life unintentionally. Uggh! And I manifested accordingly because of it.

An example is, let’s say you are a waitress and you constantly say or think, “I am not getting a lot of tips. Those cheap bas$%^# left me a lousy tip. I know they can afford more.” Or, “My tips are so small. I can’t make it on this.” You cannot get better or bigger tips because your focus is on the lack of tips or how cheap someone else is, so that is what you get, time and time again.

You could be a coach or body/energy worker who focuses on not enough clients. “I don’t have enough clients. I am having a hard time getting new clients.” Those words/thoughts keep you from getting or attracting new clients. Been there and done that as well not pretty. You cannot have a desire for something, more clients or more money, and focus on the opposite of not having it. “I want bigger tips, but I don’t have them.” “I want more clients, but I can’t find them.” The energies cancel each other out.

Do you ever catch yourself saying, “I only received a lousy 50 cent raise?” – “I only made a lousy $60 dollars for . . .” – Those statements are low vibrational statements. Money is a form of energy. When your energy is low with negative statements, you cannot get the money that you want to have. You are telling the Universe that this is not good enough and you block the flow of it coming to you.   Do you believe that if you want something, then someone else goes without? You, like most people heard that growing up. Your parents did not know any better.

That is all a lack mindset. When you focus on lack, not enough of something, you will see and experience lack all around you.

Here are a few more examples of being in a lack mindset:

  • “I’m not good enough.”
  • “I’m not pretty/handsome enough.”
  • “Nothing I do is right.”
  • “I don’t have a good enough job.”
  • “I don’t make enough money.”
  • “I never get the good guy/girl.
  • “There aren’t any decent men or women. All the good ones are gone.”

I want to mention competition here because in some instances competition can be of a lack mindset. Competition for fun is one thing. Competition to be one up on someone is another issue, an issue of lack. Do you know someone who always has to have more than other people, especially in a show-offy way? It’s fine to have things and to have a lot of them. But when you are in competition with someone else to always have more than that person then you are in a mindset of lack. That can come from childhood, but it’s still there. You will never feel like you ever have enough or are enough.

When you have the thought process of lack and not enough and it continues, you keep creating it and recreating it, over and over. A lot of times you feel stuck. Energy is always moving, but with having the same thoughts over and over, you just keep getting the same results. Hmmm…Albert Einstein has a saying that relates to insanity, “Doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result.” Thinking the same thoughts over and over and wondering why your life will not change. Hmmm?

In coaching we talk about there are more than enough clients for everyone. We talk collaboration, not competition.

Consider this insightful passage about “lack” from the spiritual teacher “Abraham” as in Abraham-Hicks: “Continuing to tell stories of shortage only continues to contradict your desire for abundance, and you cannot have it both ways: You cannot focus upon unwanted and receive wanted. You cannot focus upon stories about money that make you feel uncomfortable and allow into your experience what makes you feel comfortable. A different story will bring different results: My thoughts are the basis for the attraction of all things that I consider to be good, which includes enough money, and health, for my comfort and joy.” – Abraham – Excerpted from the book “Money and the Law of Attraction: Learning to Attract Health, Wealth and Happiness” # 673 (Abraham-Hicks). This applies to all aspects of abundance – relationships, health, and time.

Another aspect of lack is a fear of abundance. Say what? Why would I be afraid of abundance Colleen? Is that what you are thinking? Well, what happens is you become more abundant and the people around you stay the same. Your energy is different and you have some new people in your life. You may not want to let go of your old friends, but they are not in an abundant mindset like you are. You want to help your friends and family out with your abundance. That is awesome. But maintaining a friendship can be difficult when you are on different vibrational levels. While you now think abundantly and your friends continue to talk about lack, it can be difficult to maintain those friendships. Fear of abundance and the changes that come from it will stop some people from being abundant for any length of time.

You also can fear what other people would think about you. That is a real fear in people and that too, will stop your forward progress. (A little football terminology there . . . Go Ravens! lol) Can you allow yourself to be more abundant than your family? Say your family works hard in the family business and they just make ends meet. They also are in a lack mentality and do not realize that if they changed their focus and feelings they could increase their income. You have changed your mindset. You now think abundantly and it is easier for you to have more money, more opportunities, and more like-minded people in your life. How dare you be more abundant in your life when your family struggles? That is a subconscious thought that can sabotage your abundance. This is another reason to fear abundance.

People who win large amounts of money from the lottery, or inherit from a family member and are not in an abundant mindset usually do not keep the money for too long. They blow right through it.

They have not been taught to think and feel like a wealthy person. They are still the same old person with the same old impoverished thoughts and emotions and the money cannot last. And let’s not forget, subconsciously they do not feel worthy of having all of that money.

Do you now understand why I say “Abundance is a vibration and a mindset”? There is the same amount of abundance out there for all of us, even for the people in poor countries. We ALL have access to that abundance. Rich people usually know how to tap into the source of abundance. They teach their children what they know and their children think abundantly and most of the time they manifest accordingly.

~ How to Bring More Abundance into Your Life ~

So, how do you start to think abundantly when there are so many money issues out there; with so many people talking about how bad the economy is; with so many people still out of work and more people losing their jobs? Just how do you think abundantly?

I want you to know that the Universe is ever abundant at all times. There is no big pie for all of us to just get our fair share and no more, or if we take a bigger piece, then someone else goes without. Instead, it’s like the Denny’s commercial with the “never-ending” pancakes. A man is eating a stack of pancakes and they magically fill back in where he has eaten them. It is an endless supply. That is how the Universe is with everything, a never-ending supply of whatever it is that we want. You just have to learn how to tap into it and receive it. It is there for the asking, the taking, and the receiving.

To bring more abundance into your life, start to notice abundance all around you. There is an abundant amount of stars in the sky; an abundant amount of grains of sand on the beach; an abundant amount of waves in the ocean; an abundant amount of blades of grass in lawns; an abundant amount of rain drops in a storm; an abundant amount of leaves on trees, and so on. There is always abundance in Mother Nature and everywhere else.

Other ways to feel abundant include:

  • Be satisfied now. Be satisfied with what is now! Avoid waiting to be satisfied. Even if you are at a very low point, start to be satisfied now because as the saying goes, “It could always be worse.” So be satisfied now. It’s a starting point in which to move forward. You are in the process of moving forward.
  • Express gratitude for what you have been given. Focus on the good that is already in your life. AND be grateful for the good that is coming to you!
  • Allow yourself to be open to receive! Know that you are worthy of abundance.
  • Take personal responsibility for your life. YOU are the one responsible for your situations and circumstances.
  • Be careful what you say to yourself and about yourself.
  • Think BIGGER! It takes the same amount of time and energy to think big as it does to think small. It takes practice and persistence. You will be working your brain like you do a muscle. The bigger you think, the more new neural pathways you will create with those kinds of thoughts. The more you think bigger, the more of your old thoughts and old neural pathways will die off.Allow yourself to receive! Can you do that? A lot of times you say you want something and then when it comes into your life, you say, “No” to it. Those are conflicting energies. Stop doing that! – Receive it! – Believe you are worthy! When you allow yourself to receive what you want, you show and teach others that it is okay to receive. It is more than okay; it is your birthright to receive. To be in balance, you need to give and receive. If you are always giving and never receiving, you are out of balance. You then show other people how to treat you all of the time, including the Universe. What are you teaching your children about receiving? You are met at your beliefs, your actions, your emotions, and your vibrations.Manifestation happens when you are in a place of feeling at peace with where you are, while being excited about the possibilities ahead..

Another way to bring more abundance into your life is to start to ask yourself, “Where can I see abundance in my life?” – “How can I start to feel abundant?” – “What does abundance feel like?” – When you ask questions like these, especially with child-like wonder, the Universe wants to match you with that energy and show you abundance in your life and how it feels to be in abundance. There is a part of your brain called the Reticular Activating System (RAS) that will seek and search for those answers. I will discuss this more in another part of this book.

Actively look for the “good” abundance all around you. There is an abundance of good all over the place in the world. It is just getting into the habit of looking for it, and that takes practice.

Abundance is your birthright! You have to get out of yester-years thinking and get with the times. There’s an abundance of technology out there today. And that abundance of technology can lead to more abundance.

Keep a journal of abundance. Use this journal to document abundance in all of its forms: financial, health, relationships and more.

Keep a track of every type of money that comes into your life even if you choose to pass it on to someone else, log it into your journal. If you find a penny on the ground and you give it to your child or neighbor’s daughter, write it down. If you receive a $2.00 check from an organization requesting donations and “technically” they want the check back, write down that you received a check for $2.00. Money loves acknowledgement. It’s all in the energy. And being in the energy of abundance, keep track of it. You can go back to look at your journal of abundance and get back into that feeling while you are reading about all the ways money came into your life. Remember when you found unexpected money in your pockets? Didn’t that feel great? You are probably feeling better right now as you are thinking about the last time it happened. So, the next time it happens, write it down. Every time you write down a money win in your abundance journal, reread what you have already written to keep the energy alive and flowing. Bask in it for a few minutes to get it flowing into and through all of your cells.

Write a new money story in your journal. Talk about a new money story of abundance in your life. I like to say, “I’m in the process of becoming a millionaire.” – When I make that statement I feel good. I feel inspired. I visualize what it will be like to be a millionaire. Stating “I am in the process of…” brings about a feeling of positive expectation and excitement. Both of those are higher vibrational feelings, which, is what you want when you are looking to manifest great things in your life.

In your new story write and/or talk about increasing your abundance instead of paying down or paying off your debt. You want your focus to be on the abundance. Even if you think that “paying off/down” your debt is good, your focus is still on the debt, and therefore keeping you in debt or creating more debt. Write and talk about your finances increasing, your savings improving, how fat your wallet is with $100 bills. I have a one million dollar bill in my wallet. Every time I go in my wallet I see it and feel the expansiveness of it. Talk about the abundance of clients/customers, how full your schedule is, and how much you enjoy your job/career.

Keep your story present tense and avoid stating it in future tense. When you state your abundance story as “I will increase my finances. I will have more clients” then you keep the energy in the future and it will feel like you are not catching up to your future. Stating “I am . . .” as in “I am now increasing my finances” or “I am now enjoying a full complement of clients” puts the energy in the present time. Now is when and where you are vibrating. Using the phrase “I am in the process” also is useful, because all of this is a process.

It is important to note that there may be moments when times are tough and your finances are on the low side because up until now you did not know about having an abundant mindset. You might even be struggling to pay your bills on time or pay them at all. Trust me, I GET it. It can be a little challenging (Okay, a lot) getting into that abundant feeling when there are only pennies, literally, in your change purse.

That can be difficult, especially when you are on the phone talking to a bill collector and you really do not have the money at that time to pay that particular bill.

One thing that will help to break the low vibrational energy of lack, especially while you are talking to bill collectors, is to use EFT/Emotional Freedom Technique also known as Tapping. I will talk in more detail about this in another chapter, but I want to briefly mention it here.

In using EFT, you talk while you are tapping on acupressure points. This helps to decrease any stress or anxiety you’re feeling by calming down your nervous system. It works on a part of your brain that deals with the fight or flight response.

A financial example is: Any time you have to talk to someone about not having money you can do some tapping in one, two, or all of the tapping points to break up that energy so you can get in a higher vibration.

Tapping picture 2 In the picture, CB is the collar bone point and anywhere in that area, you can use your index and middle finger to tap there while you are talking. Any time you get into the feeling of lack and not enough, tap on any of the points or go around the circuit of tapping points until you feel relief. It only takes 90 seconds to start to change how you feel for the better. Also, while you are talking to bill collectors you can state, “As I am in the process of having more money or making more money . . .” will allow you to be more empowered in your conversation, and it will help you to feel more hopeful.

~ Abundance of Health ~

Keep track of how great you feel, especially if you have great health, write about it. Every time you feel good, write it down. Every time you have an abundance of laughs (belly laughing that makes you short of breath and starts to hurt, but it’s a good hurt) write it down. If you receive an abundance of compliments in a day or even an hour (that happened to me at a Women’s Expo MD – three compliments in less than an hour. I felt amazing after that!), write it down. The more you do this, the more abundance you will have.

Feeling good for any reason will bring about an abundance vibration. Donna Eden of Energy Medicine talks about “tapping in the joy” which increases your degree of joy.

Joy is a high vibration, is good for your health, and therefore will enhance your overall abundance.

To “tap in the joy,” use the middle finger of either hand and tap on the area of your forehead between your eye brows, above the bridge of your nose. This is called the third eye area, and it is the first acupressure point of your nervous system.

It is powerful energy medicine to treasure your body and health. Thank your body for its amazing service, and as you reach the state of gratitude and joy, “tap it in.”

Any time you experience something really great and you want to remember that feeling and experience, take a moment and tap in that good feeling and memory.

Benefits of this type of tapping are:

  • Increases your degree of joy
  • Helps you imprint the good moments in your life into your nervous system
  • Programs your mind to gravitate toward the positive

 Remember the good times that you had together at any given time and . . . wait for it – really feel it. You can “tap” it into your third eye area to enhance the memory. When you feel the abundance of your friendships, you are letting the Universe that you like this and you want more of it. More great friends will come into your life . . . ahhh, the abundance of it all.

Something fun to do is to intermittently send each friend a card in the mail. I get cards from different organizations to which I donate. I send these cards out at different times. When I do this, I feel great. I actually smile and/or laugh while I am writing a little note in the card. I know when my friends receive them it enhances their well-being. Talk about a feeling of abundance. Sending an unexpected card in the mail is an instant abundance maker.

~ Time and Abundance ~

Another aspect of abundance is time. Even though there are only so many hours (24) or minutes (1,440) in a day, one can still have an abundance of time. How many times have you said, “There aren’t enough hours in the day?” – “Time is just flying by.” – “Idon’t know where the time goes.” If you are in a lack mindset, there is never enough time in the day to get things done.

You do not manage time, since time cannot be managed. You manage activities to make the most of your time, and therefore you have an abundance of time. This is something I have been learning for the last couple of years.

There is a question that you can ask yourself if you need some extra time. I am sure you have thought and even said out loud, “I could use just a couple of extra minutes…” or “I just need an extra hour…”

While I was in my life coaching class, one of my Pod group members, Rachel Christie, and I, partnered together to coach each other. She invited me to use the question, “How much extra time can you give me?” When I needed some extra time, I would ask that question to the Universe. And I got it.

Even though we really do not manage time, when you ask a question like that and then expect it to happen for you, you will be amazed as to how the “extra” time comes your way.

You could get all green lights going into work. Someone could offer to do something for you without having to ask for the help. You could have a cancellation of an appointment or a meeting.

I know for me, when I do get a cancellation (even without asking how I can get some extra time), I will say to the Universe, “Thank you for the extra time.” Sometimes I even add in “Thanks for the abundance of time.” Always acknowledge that you received the extra time and then make good use of it.

Another way to get some more abundance of time is to ask, “How did I get so much extra time today?” – “Why do I always get the extra time I need?” – “Why do I always make great use of my time?” – These are great to ask before you start your day. You can do so while you are still in bed before you get up or as you are getting out of bed. Questions like these will be explained later in this chapter.

~ Your Passion and Making Money ~

Now what about making money while living your passion? I hear so many people talk about wanting to do something else for a living, something that is their passion, but – BUT – there is no money in it. When you keep thinking the same thoughts that what you want cannot happen, then you stop the manifestation in its tracks. I will tell you this, when you have a desire and you live for it, the money will come. It does take time (Law of Gestation) and that is okay. It takes time because you need to hold the vision. You need to keep feeeeeling the feeeeelings of having it. It needs to be a constant and persistent thought. It needs to be what you talk about all of the time. When you say there is no money in doing your passion, you stop any possibility of it coming to you. You only know what other people have told you. They do not know the powerful, deliberate creator you are becoming.

What usually happens is you start working your passion, you keep that energy flowing through you – living and breathing it. While none of us ever knows how the Universe will deliver to us what we desire, I can tell you this, it is usually bigger and better than you have ever imagined, if you hold onto your vision and your passionate feelings of accomplishing your goal.

Let go of the HOW it is going to happen. The fact is it is not your job to figure out the how to get your abundance. Believe it can happen. Feel it. Really feel your passion. When I dared to feel my passion, I got Jack Canfield in my life. Yowzah! Take action when you get inspiration. All of this will be discussed throughout the book, but I wanted to mention it here. What you do not realize is when you focus on the “how” of something manifesting, you again, will block the flow of the best way it can happen.

I mentioned earlier if you are of the mindset that having money is bad or people who have money are bad (most likely because you heard it growing up) then you will have a hard time attracting money to you and keeping it. Based on my experience you need to know that an awesome thing money can do is help a lot of other people out – it can give them a hand UP. Think about all of the charities you to which you can donate. When you are able to do so, that will raise your vibration even more.

As stated in Luke 6:38, “Give, and it will be given to you. A good measure, pressed down, shaken together and running over, will be poured into your lap. For with the measure you use, it will be measured to you.”

Most people who live an abundant life give generously all of the time. It is not just money, they give their knowledge and time as well.

I will share an abundant goal of mine with you. As I become the millionaire who I talk about as I say, “I am in the process of becoming a millionaire,” my plan is to start different programs that will help people, animals/wild life, and the environment.

I intend to establish animal rescue agencies (regular and wild-life/exotic animals) that also help to protect and save different land areas. I also intend to have several land preservation agencies.

Now this is where it gets really cool. I intend to have children who are considered “disabled” because they were born a little different then you and me (although they really were born perfect, whole and complete), underprivileged children/teens, and adults/veterans who are having a difficult time in life and they are not sure in which direction to go, to have programs for them to be part of the animal/wild-life rescue and land preservation. They will have an opportunity to learn about all of the areas and pick where they would like to work and be productive and earn an income. So it’s a win-win-win for everyone. I get so excited when I think about it. So many different programs can be developed to help so many people and charities. Sometimes I feel like I could burst from the excitement. Talk about an abundant feeling. I also plan on helping out already existing organizations collaboration baby!

In addition, I want to mention the importance of truly believing that you can have the abundance you desire in your life. You believe that other people can have it, but perhaps you do not believe it is possible for you. I mentioned before that you are met at the level of your beliefs (and emotions). I will talk about that more in ~ B is for Beliefs ~

If you focus on what it will feel to be abundant, if you keep thinking about making and having money while living your passion, if you think about all the good you can do with having money – the people and organizations you can help, if you can keep the belief no matter what else is going on around you, if you believe you are worthy of having money, if you focus on the abundance that is already around you, then you can have all the abundance that there is to have. Guaranteed!

Who could you be if you were more abundant in your life? What could you do with that abundance? Who else could you help?

Look for abundance of the good stuff everywhere and you will find it. You are entitled to have what you want just as the next person. The other person has the same opportunity to obtain/attract what s/he wants. The opportunity is there for everyone who tunes into the frequency of abundance and adopts an abundant mindset.

Whatever we are waiting for – peace of mind, contentment, grace, the inner awareness of simple abundance – it will surely come to us, but only when we are ready to receive it with an open and grateful heart.                                          Sarah Ban Breathnach

 Deliberate Creation from A-Z: Living Your Life by Design, Vol I, due out January 27, 2015 on Amazon Kindle.


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Nursing from Within


Nursing From Within 3dthumbnailI love this book!  It is exactly what nurses need to help change their perspective in nursing.  Elizabeth is so passionate about guiding nurses to love and enjoy their career.

She does a great job sharing anecdotal stories of her life as a nurse, what she experienced at work and her journey to pursue a solution to the madness that gets to all of us in the nursing profession.

Elizabeth informs the reader of how change her/his perspective and how to incorporate a wide array of techniques that will cause definite changes in her/his life.

She shares how how we think and perceive are the cause of our problems: mind-body-spirit.  It is truly time for a shift in paradigm.  As it is stated, “We can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them.” – Albert Einstein

There are so many golden nuggets in this book that to name them here would be rewriting the book.  So I recommend you get the book and read it for yourself and incorporate the new routines into your life to move beyond where you are to a new and improved life professionally and personally.

One thing I will mention here, because it is probably the most importance concept is Self-love!  Elizabeth asks if you really love you, unconditionally.  If you do not love yourself and if you do not take care of you first then you are telling and showing other people how to treat you.  And then, what are you teaching your children?  Think about it.

Nursing from Within™ is an innovative and uplifting guide for nurses at all levels of the profession.  Learn how to shift your inner perspective so you can enjoy the work of helping others, regardless of how stressful or challenging the environment you are working in may be.  Are you ready to rediscover the joy and passion of nursing? ‘Nursing from Within: A Fresh Alternative to Putting Out Fires and Self-Care Workarounds’ is available now. Get your copy today by visiting Elizabeth Scala’s site, or purchase directly from Amazon.

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I Wish Robin Williams Had Known About This Technique

Wow, I can’t believe it’s been a couple of days already since I have found out that Robin Williams ended his life.    I remember when he first appeared on Happy Days and then Mork and Mindy started from there.

Robin Williams

So many of us enjoyed his comedic genius throughout his career.

His death is so sad, in so many ways.  And so many people think and feel that it could have been prevented.  I too, am one of those people.

I wish Robin Williams had known about this technique called, Tapping – Emotional Freedom Technique/EFT.  It’s a simple, easy procedure that most likely could have saved his life (and countless others).  I feel the need to share this and hopefully someone else’s life can be saved.

What is EFT?  Tapping is a process of using your fingers to “tap” on acupressure points along the meridian pathways in your body.  EFT can be used with words or it can be done silently where you are tapping on the emotion that you are feeling while you tap on the specific points.

tapping points

EFT helps us change the patterns of our thoughts, feelings and behaviors, make new connections or shift perspectives — this is literally true on the physical level with regard to how the brain is processing the issue at hand.  EFT allows us to literally create cognitive shifts which exist observably as new neural pathways in the brain.

When we change our beliefs and our emotions, this literally produces biological changes — on the cellular level. Dr. Bruce Lipton, a pioneer in the field of epigenetics and author of The Biology of Belief, says that we have an immense power to influence our health and well-being on the biological and physical levels by consciously turning our energy towards more positive thoughts and feelings.   And what can do this better than EFT?  Dr. Lipton himself is a proponent of EFT.

How does this technique actually work?  Recent research has begun to explain what happens in the brain when we tap.  When we are feeling stressed, it is because at some level we feel threatened.  When we feel threatened or in danger, the part of the brain called the amygdala begins to fire off and we go into what’s called Fight or Flight Mode.  In an instant our body reacts to a threat by increasing our heart rate, pumping adrenaline through our body, our muscles tense up; basically it goes into overdrive to be ready for a fight.  This is powerful if we need to fight off danger but incredibly taxing on the body.

The problem that we face is that in this modern day, our amygdala cannot tell the difference between a real threat or a perceived one.  So getting that bad phone call from your boss can create the same physical response our ancestors had when faced with a lion. Tapping on these end points of the meridian sends a calming response to the body and the amygdala recognizes that it’s safe.  What’s especially interesting is that doing the tapping while imaging or discussing a stressful event counteracts that stress and reprograms the response to it.  Nick Ortner and The Tapping Solution

Because tapping calms the amygdala (the fear center of the brain) it’s great for reducing the power of negative emotions. It also reduces the strength of limiting beliefs, and allows creative, new, empowering beliefs to surface.

neural pathways

According to Neuroscience, every memory you have is encoded in your brain with an emotional charge.  This charge then creates a neural pathway to signal an appropriate physiological response every time you’re reminded of an experience relevant to that memory.  For instance, you might start trembling every time you’re faced with the possibility of public speaking.  Tapping helps you rewire these neural pathways, so you can eliminate both the subconscious and conscious fears that cause negative reactions in you.

Gary Craig, originator of EFT as we know it today, brought this information out in the early 1990s.   If Robin Williams and others had been given this information any time after that, his death, and others, may not have occurred.

The tapping points can be started any where and in any sequence.  I like to say there is no wrong way to tap except not to do so.  There are many different styles to tapping.  Tap what feels good to you.  I will mention too, that sometimes just tapping on the side of hand, karate chop point or on the collar bone point area can help decrease anxiety or anger in a short period of time – 90 seconds.  Sometimes you may not have a lot of time to tap and 90 seconds can start to bring you relief.

tapping points 2tapping points 4






The tapping points are EB-eye brow, SE-side of eye, UE-under eye, UN-under nose, C-chin (area-it’s between your bottom lip and your actual chin area), CB-collar bone area (it’s actually a little bit below there, there is a tender spot on either side), UA-under arm (4″ below the actual axilla, where the top of a bra line would be), TOH-top of head, and the KC-karate chop point or side of hand are the typical areas.  There are more, but these are the most common.

Starting off with the KC, one makes a set up statement and says this statement three or more times, then goes through the points starting at the EB or TOH.

KC-Even though I feel so depressed, I completely accept myself.  (Even if you do not feel like you accept yourself, it is recommended to say that here.)

KC-Even though I feel like I can’t handle my life any more, I accept how I feel.

KC-Even though I feel like I can’t go on, I completely accept myself and how I feel.

EB-Oh, I am so depressed.

SE-So depressed.


UN-No energy to do anything.

C-I don’t have any energy at all.

CB-No energy.

UA-No energy.

TOH-No energy at all.

EB-I don’t feel like doing anything.

SE-I have no interest in anything.

UE-No interest what so ever.

UN-No energy.

C-No interest.

CB-I am so depressed.

UA-So depressed.

TOH-So alone.

EB-No one understands.

SE-I can’t talk to anyone about this.

UE-I am too tired to talk to someone about this.

UN-Too tired.

C-No energy.

CB-Can’t explain it.

UA-No one would understand.

TOH-This depression physically hurts.

EB-No where to turn.

SE-I can’t handle it any more.

UE-I don’t see any way out.

UN-I just don’t know what to do.

C-It’s so overwhelming.

CB-I am so tired of this.

UA-So depressed.

TOH-What am I going to do?

EB-Maybe if I keep tapping a little bit more,

SE-Something inside will start to shift.

UE-Even though I don’t have a lot of energy,

UN-I might be able to do this for a few minutes.

C-Maybe, just maybe I can do this tapping thing for a few minutes.

CB-I can even stay in bed while I tap.

UA-I can just lie in bed and tap.

TOH-I can tap on my feelings.

EB-I can tap on my thoughts.

SE-I can say whatever I want.

UE-And as I am tapping, I am starting to feel a little bit better.

UN-I’m not talking about running a marathon or anything like that.

C-I am still feeling depressed.

CB-But I am feeling a little bit hopeful,

UA-That using this tapping,

TOH-Can help me out.

EB-If I keep on tapping,

SE-I can feel a little more energized.

UE-If I keep on tapping,

UN-I just may be able to feel better,

C-And more hopeful,

CB-That I have something easy and simple

UA-To help me with depression.

TOH-I am open to that.

Now this is just a small tapping scenario, but it’s a start.  There is a lot more that can be done with a tapping “script.”

Let me know what you think.

If I can help you with more tapping on depression, please let me know – really and truly.  There is a solution.  Contact me at


,, Jack Canfield & Pamela Bruner – Tapping into Ultimate Success, Nick Ortner and The Tapping Solution



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Rapid Change – For Busy Heart-Centered Women

Rapid change 1

I’m inspired and enthusiastic to tell you about my NEW book Rapid Change: For Busy Heart Centered Women.  When Loretta Mohl, known as the Belief Busting Coach, asked me to participate with 29 other exceptional women to bring this wonderful book into being, I was ecstatic!

My chapter is called Think – Feel – Manifest and it is about how our thoughts and emotions create what is going on in our life.  I explain how I created my Burnout in Nursing.

The book is ON PURPOSE and Divine timing for women who need it most!  We collectivity created this ‘manual for transformation’ to help encourage the heart and empower women to be the best version of themselves.

Our dream is to inspire and motivate heart-centered women ~ ready for deeper shifts, greater awareness, and expansive results!  There’s something for everyone in this enlightening book, including timeless tools, tips and wisdom.

It’s exciting!  When you bring 30 inspiring women together who’ve walked the talk with a common vision and purpose, MAGIC happens!  The book’s value is immense and the authors’ vibrant energy is contagious!

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Rapid Change for Busy Heart Centered Women! Look here to see it!

Our group of ‘wise women’ were so thrilled to connect, we wanted to make YOU part of our sacred circle!  That’s why we’ve decided to have the ULTIMATE GIRLFRIEND PARTY!

That’s right!  Stay in your pajamas!  Get out some chocolate, candles, altar items and your favorite cup of java or tea, and get ready to party online with us as we offer you the greatest gift we can imagine ~ US helping each other!  Not to worry if you can’t make the actual dates and times you will have access to all the same juicy recorded information.

YES! I want to attend the Rapid Change Revolution Event!

July 17 to 24, 2014 . . . for 8 straight days of Divinely Inspired GF (Goddess friend) wisdom!

Best of all, this real, life-changing group event is FREE!

Give yourself this GIFT of time for yourself.  You DESERVE it!  And the effects will ripple across the Universe, as you EMBODY the best version of YOU as we EMPOWER each other!!!


RAPID CHANGE EVOLUTION EVENT: For Busy Heart Centered Women Who Want to Be the Best Version of Themselves is the Ultimate ‘Girlfriend Party’ with WOMEN’S WISDOM, STRAIGHT FROM THE HEART!!!

Here’s what you’ll find in your goody bag to take home!

* Inspiring Authors Guidance

* Empowering Touching and Transformational Stories

* Life Lessons Lived to Practice each day!


24 of the world’s life-changing transformational leaders (including yours truly) will reveal how to: 

  • Stay balanced, integrate and embody the BEST YOU, YOU CAN BE!
  • Identify beliefs that are NOT serving you, and learn how to CREATE new programs that do!
  • Awaken who YOU TRULY are and access the genius from within
  • Life your life from your heart-center and your life purpose.

It’s the first ever “Rapid Change Revolution: For Busy Heart Centered WOMEN Who Want to Be the Best Version Themselves”.

This is a UNIQUE Girlfriend party in that we’ll be embracing RAPID CHANGE for RAPID RESULTS!  That means you can CHANGE NOW!

At this TeleSummit party, we’ll be guiding you on how you can see adversities as gifts to transform the feeling of being stuck and overwhelmed to TRANSMUTE those old stories with grace and ease.  We’ll be offering different strategies, systems and tools and to build YOUR spiritual toolkit.

If you’re feeling exhausted, frustrated, chaotic and just plain overloaded, you’ll DEFINITELY want to JOIN US!

I invite you to take this step NOW, not only for yourself – but also for the WHOLE WORLD as we SHIFT this planet and rock the cosmos!

Click here to learn more and receive FREE instant access:

Rapid Change Revolution Event!

See you there!

Colleen Humphries, Life Coach Extraordinaire for Nurses and other Professional Women in Burnout
RN, Reiki Master, Radio Show Host: Think About It: PWN radio
Speaker/Facilitator of seminars on Burnout and Principles of Success
Coauthor of the bookF.A.I.T.H – Finding Answers in the Heart and  the forthcoming book Rapid Change – For Busy Heart-Centered Women Who Want to be the Best Version of Themselves
WorkPlayLiveWell – Sept.27,2014 OCMD


P.S.  This PARTY is growing… I encourage you to grab your spot now so you get in on this RAPID CHANGE REVOLUTION epic event!

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Law of Non-resistance

In talking about the Law of Non-resistance, it’s about how your respond vs. how you react.  Reacting is a habit.  It’s what you do normally, whether it’s negatively, angrily, sarcastically, or spitefully.
Responding requires thought.  There is a little bit, or maybe a lot a bit, of time to think about how you will respond to a situation or person.

Most of the time you have a particular way of reacting and responding to your children, spouse, coworkers, boss and friend for different life occurrences.  I like to call them “conditioned responses.”  There are even times when you will play out a scenario in your mind about how you will deal with someone: a patient; a client; a sibling; or a relative.  “If he says this, then I will say that!”  “If she does this, then I will do…”  Does that sound familiar?


Know that when you are feeling resistance, you are more likely to react out of habit instead of taking the time to think about a better way of responding.

There is a saying, “What you resist persists.”  The more resistance you feel, the more power you give it.

A way to work with the Law of Non-resistance is to first off acknowledge that you are feeling resistance.  Ignoring it does not make it go away or hide it.  Just avoid staring at it.  The more you stare, the more it is there.  Acknowledging it allows you to see it from a different perspective and allows a solution to come to you.

Another way of working with Non-resistance is working with the Laws of allowing and detachment.  The more in a state of allowing you can be in, the less resistance you have.  I am not saying that in allowing you are defeated, you are just aware of resistance and you allow situations to be what they are.  In working with detaching, you are going with the flow…letting go…letting go a conditions emotions.

Another thing to do any time you feel resistance at work, at home or anywhere – it could even be traffic –  that is very easy is to send blessings to the situation or person.  At work, you have a patient, coworker, customer or client who is difficult.  You know this from previous engagements with this person.  Prior to any interaction with this person, send that person blessings of love, joy, health and prosperity.  And actually feel it in your heart.  Do this consistently and you will see resistance disappear.

You can actually send all of your patients, patient’s family members, customers, coworkers, bosses, people in traffic with you, blessings before you see them.  As you get into your car to head out to work, you can send all of the people on the road with you blessings.  As you drive to work, send your coworkers, patients, and/or customers blessings.

Any time you go out send all of the people who come into your path, cashiers, the people in the aisles and in line, blessings.  Watch what happens….

Call to action:  If you like the Universal Laws and want to work with them more to move through your life, contact me at so we can talk.

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Lesson from My Kidney Stone

Wow!  I was so surprised when I got hit with sudden right back pain in my kidney area that moved to my the front of my abdomen.  My whole right side from front to back was filled with excruciating pain that I truly cannot describe.  What I can tell you is that it took me to my knees and through the roof at the same time.  OMG is an understatement!

I look at myself as the picture of health.  So why did I get a kidney stone?  They do not form over night.  Because everything is energy based and everything starts in the mind, obviously my thoughts with the emotions to go with those thoughts created a little 4mm kidney stone to give me a wake up call.  Message received!  Loud and clear!!!

I was guessing it had something to do with anger.  Kidneys are related to urine — being pissed off.  So when I got home, even under the influence of pain and nausea  medicine and even IV benedryl, I went to get my bible, You Can Heal Your Life by Louise Hay.

You Can Heal Your Life

You Can Heal Your Life

It is my go-to for everything and it is amazingly accurate.  So kidney problems represent: criticism; disappointment; failure; shame; and reacting like a little kid.  Was Louise following me around to know all of that about me???

Although I do a LOT of self-care, stuff still happens.  I am grateful I know what I know and that I am open to see the solution.  I have to (again) change something about me.

The last year has been a bit of a challenge financially (you will read more about that in the upcoming book I am coauthoring, F.A.I.T.H – Finding Answers in the Heart), emotionally and mentally.  Up until now I have not had a lot of support from other people, mainly the people close to me.  I ended a relationship because of that.  Luckily I do take time for self-care or I believe I would have created a much bigger physical issue.

I accept myself where I am.  I am perfect, whole and complete, right here, right now!

I accept myself where I am. I am perfect, whole and complete, right here, right now!

Over the last year I have chosen to go back to nursing part time.  I do travel education and give out vaccines.  Even though I can be grateful for a job that meets my needs, working outside of my business is not what I wanted to do.  I know deep down inside I am disappointed that my business is not further along and now I am not able to work at it 100% of the time now.  I am critical of myself, feeling like a failure and even some shame.  I have not been able to keep up with my newsletter writing, so consciously (at times) and subconsciously I am having those thoughts and experiencing the emotions that go along with them and creating a lovely little ball of anger inside of me.

As for the “acting like a little kid,”  oh yeah!  Been there and done that!

My lessons:

 Divine right action is always taking place in my life.  Only good comes from each experience.

Divine right action is always taking place in my life. Only good comes from each experience.

  •  Be easier on myself
  • Allow the time it takes to go where I want to be
  • Be easier on myself
  • Acknowledge all that I am doing and know that it is taking me in the direction of where I want to go
  • Be easier on myself
  • Follow my own recommendations that I give to others
  • Be easier on myself
  • Remember to have fun
  • Be easier on myself
  • Be in the state of child-like wonder of positive expectancy
  • Be easier on myself
  • Love myself unconditionally – I am all that I have – I am perfect, whole and complete!

Like Thomas Edison learned 10,000 ways that the light bulb did not work, I too have found that I have not failed, but I have learned, what works and what does not.  I am a forever student in and of life.

My passion for moving women forward in life still prevails.  Passion moves mountains.  There is gold in three feet and I want to be there when gold strikes.

In being BIG and Bold, I want to acknowledge myself for all that I have done over the last year:

Coached several clients; written one chapter for an upcoming, collaborative book and I am in the process of writing a chapter for another upcoming collaborative book, besides still writing my own book; taught and continue to teach classes at a community college (3 this semester alone,  2 last fall semester and at least 2 coming up this fall semester); put on a 1/2 day seminar at same community college with 2 friends; put on 4 Successful Mindset presentations at a local high school for students; host my radio show once a week all while going back to work part time (50+ hours/2 weeks).  Oh yeah, I have also joined a mastermind group to help me move forward.

When I look at that list, how can I be critical, disappointed, feel like a failure or shameful of myself?

Loving myself is the most important thing I can do!

Loving myself is the most important thing I can do!

So my next questions is, where are you feeling any of those emotions?  Can you acknowledge yourself for all that you do?  Can you be EASIER on yourself?  Can you celebrate who you are today, where you are?

Contact me at and lets chat about it.

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Free Your Mind Dynamic Workshop

Free Your Mind

free_your_mind_logoDynamic Experiential Workshop


When: Sat. April 5, 2014

Time: 1:00 – 5:00 PM

Location: Edgewood Hall Room 132

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This motivational workshop uses experiential exercises and meditation to show how powerful your mind, thoughts, and intentions really are. Instructors are Certified Life Coaches and published authors, including a motivational coach who overcame adversity and learned to walk again.

Workshop Includes:

•Learning the Power of the Mind

•Stress Reduction Techniques

•Benefits of Therapeutic Massage for the Mind

•Changing Your Perspective

•Demonstrations/Consultations by various health professionals

•Seated Massage

Bonus Gifts (just for attending!)

   Jennylyn Hart is a dynamic speaker, remarkable Disabled “Differently Abled Expert,” author, and “Smile Maker” that helps people with all sorts of “handicaps” overcome obstacles through the design of their own M.A.P.-“Motivation, Attitude, and Permission” to leave them transformed, inspired, motivated, and empowered.

Colleen Humphries is a former Registered Nurse with over 30 years of nursing experience, Reiki Master, the Go-to-Life Coach for Nurses in Burnout, and speaker/facilitator of seminars based on Burnout relief and prevention and on Principles of

Jakki Wienecke is a Massage Therapist, Life Coach and author whose classes, healing sessions, and aromatherapy products all serve to help others understand the source of their pain and to take a proactive role in their spiritual, physical, and emotional
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