Using the Universal Laws with the New Presidency 2017

Donald Trump is now president of the United States.  While I want to avoid talking about politics here, I do want to guide you into using the universal laws to help you, if you need help, in dealing with the new presidency.

So many people are putting a lot of negative energy into their frequency that they do not realize they are causing more problems for their future selves. Remember, your reality of your today is from your past thoughts, emotions and actions, and your future reality is from the thoughts, emotions and actions of your today.

If you are not a Trump fan and you are fighting against this presidency, then you are bringing many more things – events, situations, people – into your life to fight. That is the Law of Attraction right here, bottom line. You do not have to agree with President Trump, but the more you protest, talk vehemently, and overreact about this presidency, the more you will be making yourself miserable.
Using the universal laws to better tolerate, accept and deal with President Trump, is a win-win situation all the way around for everyone. Let me ask you this… do you want to be part of the solution or do you want to stay in the problem and be angry and unhappy?
The Law of Attraction – The strongest of all of the Universal laws is the law of attraction.  How you are vibrating emotionally is what you attract back to you.  When you talk negatively about President Trump, when you scream and holler in a rally opposing his presidency, when you think about how horrible the US will be, as I mentioned above, you are inviting anything and everything else, that matches that energy, into your life.  Then you wonder why your life is hard or unfair; or you want to blame someone else for your problems.
I am always a proponent for sending blessings/peace, love, joy/happiness, health, well-being to a person or people, especially if I am not feeling so warm and fuzzy towards that person/people.
Example: “I send you a life of blessings.”  “I hold the vision for you to experience peace, love and joy every day.”  “May you experience happiness, health and well-being through all of your days.”
Send healing, loving light to President Trump.  Hold the vision for Trump to be a great president.  Send him compassion.  Doing these activities soothes your energy first and foremost, in addition to helping President Trump.
Remember. you need do this more than just once to make a difference.  One time will not make a dramatic change, but it is a start.  Get a group of your friends together on a regular basis and hold positive energy sessions for the new presidency.  It sure beats the anti-Trump rallies and it fills you with more positive energy.  Hey, who couldn’t use more positive energy in their lives?
Know you cannot change another person. BUT, when you change your energy – your thoughts and emotions, everything around you changes.
The Law of Allowing – This law can bring you freedom in every area of your life.  It is a principle of no resistance and of little action.
It does not mean you agree with what is going on.  When you can be in allowing mode more often, you will find over time that you are more at ease with the surrounding circumstances, and you then have more ease and flow in your life.
Incorporating some of the routines mentioned above will help lessen resistance. Holding your hand over heart and simply breathing in and out will help lessen resistance.  As I mentioned in my previous email, you can silently add the word, “ease” to your breathing.
While this may sound very basic, it is very powerful.  Do it for 30 days and see for yourself.  Do it for 40 days and experience a change in consciousness.  Do this for 90 days and grow new neural pathways in your brain.  What do you have to lose?  Maybe some anger, resistance or any other negative emotions?  Hmmm… sounds good to me.
This is a very easy way to be pro-active towards a solution instead of fighting against something that is only going to hurt you in the long run.
I love the quote by Mother Theresa, “If you invite me to an antiwar rally I will not be there. If you invite me to a pro-peace rally, I will come.”  So the anti-Trump rallies will not work.  You are hurting yourself, bottom line.
Remember all of the ruckus around Obama when he first became president?  It was not as bad as we are experiencing now, but I can remember hearing a lot of not-so-positive things that I choose to avoid writing any more about it, because I choose to avoid that negative energy.  So with that being said, you can choose to avoid being caught up in the negative energy of other people.
You can choose a better feeling thought – always!  It is always choice.  There is another meaning to “Turn the other cheek.” When you turn the other cheek, you are also changing your point of focus.  You are choosing to look at something better, something that feels better.
Please avoid the, “But…” “But…” “Buuutttttt…”  Trying to make a point, a negative point, only keeps your energy down.
The Law of Non-resistance – You cannot control what happens but you can control your attitude.  This is about responding appropriately instead of reacting, as in over-reacting.
I love the quote from Star Trek Next Gen and the Borg, “Resistance is futile.” Resistance only brings more resistance into your life.
The law of non-resistance is similar with the law of allowing – that it is a principle of no resistance and of little action.
Incorporating meditation into your life is a very easy way to use the law of non-resistance.  You can start off with five minutes a day; then go up to five minutes twice a day, and so on.
The Law of Detachment: It is the law about TRUST!  People say they trust, but most people live in fear and doubt (anti – whatever rallies are not about trust, they are fear based).
During the flu epidemic of 1918, a doctor (I apologize I cannot find his name) stated, “Fear is more contagious than the flu.”  That was a very powerful statement to be made at that time, during that situation – but it is very true.
Working with this law, you want to detach from the outcome – especially the negative outcome that you have in your thoughts.  Again, it is holding the vision for the best outcome, and detaching from how that happens.
Ways to work with this law:
  • Step into the fields of possibilities.  What if Trump could be a great president?  It is always possible.
  • Meditate – lessens resistance and allows all possibilities.
We are in a new era of our lives.  How do you want to go through these new changes?  The choice is yours.  Yes, I keep saying it, but bears repeating.
When you use the universal laws as I mentioned above, you will make this presidential transition with ease and grace.  It’s always possible you will benefit in other ways, in other area of your life that you cannot even imagine.  Again, the choice is yours.
Remember too, all of the low-vibrational energy with resistance and negative thoughts and words flows through your body and lands somewhere, causing illness. What do you choose for your life?
Here’s to your many blessings, peace, love, joy, abundance and prosperity.
Colleen Humphries, RN, Best-Selling Author, Speaker, Breakthrough Coach
Author of Deliberate Creation from A-Z: Living Your Life by DesignUnleash the Power of Your Mind – Breakthrough to Your Success

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What’s Obviously Wrong with Breast Cancer Awareness Month?

Why would I ask a question about something being Obviously wrong with Breast Cancer Awareness Month?

The other day I was driving to a health fair for a local company of which I was apart. On the way there I was thinking about all of the various organizations promoting Breast Cancer Awareness for this month, even the baseball and football leagues – wearing pink and the breast cancer pins.


While it is very warming that so many people want to make a change, they do not realize that their focus, or should I say, their AWARENESS is on Breast Cancer – not a solution.

If you have read my material before (blogs, articles, books) then you know I constantly talk/write about being in the solution – focus on what you want, not what you don’t want.

So let’s look at the statement: Breast Cancer Awareness.  Where is the focus?  It is on breast cancer!!!! So, with the focus on cancer, how can it possibly be cured?

There is a saying that has been around a lot longer than I have been aware of the Universal laws and vibrational energy, “what you focus on grows.”  The complete focus is on cancer, and breast cancer at boot.

I want people to realize that all the money and races and “fighting against” isn’t doing anything to bring them closure to a cure. I can actually get angry about everything that I hear – “fight against cancer,”  “fight for a cure” – it doesn’t work – it hasn’t worked. Then I have to catch myself because my anger is only inviting more reasons for me to experience anger.

So today, I am using that feeling to inspire me to yet again, write something to help make YOU AWARE of changing your focus to be solution oriented.

This morning I received an email from the (I do a daily click to donate mamograms to women in need. I want to send them another email to encourage them to change their name altogether to – oh yeah, that is more on target for sure!)  I wound up sending them a response back encouraging them to change their focus – pretty much what I am writing here.  I also included that I was available for talking with them to help them better understand the energy of what they are projecting.

So what are we looking for? Breast health! It’s that easy. Let’s just talk about breast health; breast healing and well-being. Yes, it is that simple.

In the past and as above, I have written about avoiding “fighting” energy, as in “Fighting against breast cancer” or being “Anti – bullying” or any of the other conflicting energies.  The conflicting energies cancel each other out. You cannot have a desire for something good to happen and then fight against it. It DOES NOT work!

When you look at cancer, it is very negative energy. So in fighting it, you are just adding the same energy to it. Both of those energies enhance each other and the PROBLEM CONTINUES.

Mother Theresa said it best, “If you invite me to an anti-war rally, I will not come. If you invite me to a pro-peace rally, I will be there.” She knew about energy and where to put her focus. So back to breast cancer, let’s focus on healthy breasts; health and well-being all the way around; loving yourself and your body.

Think about it, love trumps all. Where are the breasts? In the heart area of the chest. Hmmm???? More love for ourselves and others. . . hmmm?

If breast cancer is present, love the opportunity to change and heal – those are the solutions – loving, changing, healing, and lets not forget, forgiving. When we are not forgiving of ourselves and others, we close our hearts down and close off the love – giving and receiving.

I want to get this message out there to as many people as I can. Can you help me?

Call to Action: Can you share this message with others? Do you know anyone in advertising that can help me get this change in messaging out there? Do you know anyone or groups that would like to hear more about this in person; have me put on a presentation?

I would love to hear your feedback.

We can walk, march, ride, do ice challenges but until we change our focus to be on the solution, nothing will change. Please help me get this message out there. It’s time for a change all the way around.

Here’s to breast health and well-being!

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Unleeching Disempowerment and Conforming Leeches

These are the last two self-esteem leeches of which to let go, release; see ya, wouldn’t want to be ya…lol….remember that saying?  But it holds true here – Let ’em go, Let ’em go, Let ’em go (to the tune of Let it snow).

The Disempowerment Leech

When your self-esteem is strong, you can speak boldly and with confidence about who you are and what you do or want from life. Disempowerment happens when others don’t value what you do or what you want.  I have felt this off and on in starting the road to entrepreneurship.  Ouch!

For me, when I started in coaching and I was talking to people about the Law of Attraction, there were several times I would hear, “You don’t know that.”  “I don’t know about that.” (That was the other person saying that – s/he did not know about what I was talking about – that person was also not studying the LOA, either.)  Other comments I heard were,  “That’s not true.”  “You can’t say that.”  Even though I knew what I was talking about had merit, I felt disempowered at times, because it felt like everyone to whom I spoke was making those comments.  (Then I stopped focusing on them and focused on the end result of what I wanted – more like-minded people in my life.) But I did allow those comments to take away my power for a while.

Here’s another example – say your daughter or son wants to go to an Ivy League college, and someone else says, “Oh they let anyone in there now.”  That comment can devalue her/his hard work and effort.

Any time someone devalues what you say, what you want, or what you do, it can steal your sense of accomplishment and pride.  But, you can also put this leech on yourself.  For example,  you want to start an online crafts business and someone asks you want you do.  If you downplay it, that can begin to deplete your self esteem; it diminishes the energy of what you want to do, and over time causes you to feel less confident about starting it.

Avoid downplaying your accomplishments or making light of your hard work. The problem that this leech causes with your self-esteem is that it can affect your perspective.

Because people did not always understand what I was doing or what I was about, I would downplay it.  Because that was the energy I was putting out there, I was reaping the results of that energy, which was a whole lot of nothing.

You can recognize if you’re disempowering yourself by how you speak about yourself or your life.  If you say, “I wish I could start my own business,” this is a disempowering way of thinking. Instead, change that to “I am starting my own business.”

Also, look at the results you are getting in your life compared to what you want to have.  Your results are always a result of your thoughts, feelings, and emotions.  Stand in your power.  Whatever you are looking to do, someone else has already done it, so know it can be done – and it can be done by you too!  Know it, affirm/afform it, and believe it.

Other people will try to disempower you because they do not believe they can do what you are looking to do, so they will put their stuff on you.  Avoid allowing them to do so.

The Conforming Leech

This is the leech that looks at how things have been done and doesn’t see a way to do it any differently.  Its strength is found in tradition, in the way that things have always been done instead of the way that things can be done better.  It’s the “play it safe leech.”

This leech erodes your self-esteem by insinuating that your ideas are foolish – that there’s no way they’ll work because no one else has ever been able to accomplish that.  “You can’t do that,” I used to hear…sometimes I still do, but I do not pay any attention today.  

You can talk yourself out of trying anything if you allow the conforming leech to dictate what you do or don’t do in life. You might hear this referred to as the road not traveled.

The reason the road isn’t taken and new ventures sometimes don’t get off the ground is because people are afraid to stand out – afraid to run with an idea that others say can’t be done or is different from the norm.  I have been there and done that – No more! 

When you have an idea and you tell yourself that it’s foolish or you allow others to convince you that it’s foolish, your self-esteem takes a hit because you can start to believe that you’re not as smart as others who’ve found success.

Start believing in innovation again.  That’s how life changes for the better.  Stop putting limitations on yourself and free yourself from all of the chains that bind you.  You are the one who put the chains on, so break free and be the unique individual who you are. 

Allow yourself to be seen and heard – as long as it’s life-enhancing and helpful to others.  When you do this, it gives other people permission to do the same.  

We all came here for individual reasons.  We need to be able to do what we came here for our way – of course, it’s great to ask for help – but still do it your way in the end.

Speaking of asking for help, if you need help with removing any of these leeches, contact me at so we can have a chat.  

Here’s to your self-esteem that helps to empower others too!

Colleen Humphries, RN, Best-Selling Author, Speaker, Breakthrough Coach
Author of Deliberate Creation from A-Z: Living Your Life by Design
Unleash the Power of Your Mind – Breakthrough to Your Success


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The Perfectionism Leech and Drama Leech


The Perfectionism Leech

This is a leech that again, is created by you.  Yes, it can initially start with a parent, and as a child, you do not know that you do not have to take your parent’s opinions and comments to be your truth.  What happens over the years is you do not not allow yourself the room to truly live.  When you allow this leech to attach to your life, you don’t leave room for much good because this leech brings with it the waiting game.

You have to wait until everything is perfect for you to make that move personally and/or professionally. You don’t take chances with new ideas or ventures because perfectionism doesn’t welcome mistakes.  And I already informed you about the Mistake Leech and add perfectionism to to it and you have an even bigger doozie with which to deal.

You can begin to develop an all or nothing mentality.  Perfectionism is a terrible leech because it can leave you feeling bruised inwardly.  You’ll beat yourself up every time you make a mistake.

And since you will make mistakes as long as you’re breathing, you’ll go through life thinking that you’ll never be able to do anything right.  The perfectionism leech will convince you that you will never be good enough.

You’ll walk around believing that you’re a failure before you even attempt to do anything. This leech keeps you stuck in a life of wanting more but never having it because you would have to risk failure; and you cannot have that by George!

A way to release this leech is to realize, know and really be okay with the FACT that NO ONE is perfect!  You are not supposed to be perfect.  It’s not your job to be perfect.  No matter what you heard growing up, in spite of your subconscious mind taking on what everyone else had to say, and despite the stories you made up, it is not your job or life purpose to be perfect…..although, I do say that you are perfect, whole and complete at any and all times.   With that I mean, you  are perfect in your humanism.  You are perfect in making mistakes.  You are perfect because you are YOU, warts and all!

Once you allow yourself to let go of being perfect, you may notice that you can breathe easier and deeper.  You just may be able to smile and laugh spontaneously – wow, how great would that be?  You may feel lighter because you are releasing something that is not healthy for you, the weight of perfectionism.

If you feel the need to be perfect, then be perfectly imperfect.

The Drama Leech

This is a leech who will take from you and make you absolutely miserable.  You can experience this leech in many areas of your life.

With a drama leech, whatever is going on in her/his life is absolutely the most important thing – and you must help her/him deal with it immediately.

You may be expected to put your personal or professional life on hold in order to bolster this person up, and keep her/him from going under.  When you do, you get sucked in every time s/he needs you.

This can destroy your self-esteem when it reaches the point to where you can’t be there every time this person need you because it’s impacting your life negatively.  Your partner isn’t happy about the amount of time the drama takes you away.

You can’t concentrate at or on work because the drama leech is wrecking your time or taking over your thoughts.  Your boss tells you that you’re just not keeping up at work, or a business partner feels let down by your lack of focus and commitment.

To deal with these kinds of leeches, you have to understand that for some people, drama is a lifestyle, even an addiction.  While it may be true that they have problems, even a ton of problems, if you’re always the one who rescues them, you’ve entered into a co-dependent relationship.  That is not healthy for you, your partner, or the drama leech.

This drama usually comes from toxic friends or family – but it can also be people in your professional life – and if you don’t rush in to rescue them, they turn on you.

They’ll say that you’re not doing enough to help them.  You’re not loaning them money, holding their hand, rushing over every time they call.  They’ll slap ugly labels on you or tear you down.  You don’t have enough empathy.  You’re mean.  You don’t love them enough.  How can you be so selfish?

When they say negative things about you, you can begin to believe the problem is you; especially if you’re dealing with several family members or professional acquaintances in a group who are drama leeches; it can be a big drain on you emotionally and physically.

It is okay to stop being the person upon whom this leech constantly leans.  It’s the best thing that you can do.  It’s good for you and for the other person, even if you find it difficult to let go in the beginning.

One of two things will happen: the drama leech will have to start handling her/his own problems; or s/he will find someone else to turn to for help.

Yes, this person will be frustrated in you.  S/he may even lash out.  But that’s because s/he’s not comfortable handling her/his own life obstacles.  You don’t need to enable this person anymore.

Know that it is not your job to take care of everyone and everyone’s problems.  It is not your job to make everyone happy.   You can only be in charge of your own happiness (not that you cannot enhance someone else’s happiness or vice versa), so let go of the drama leech and stand in your self-esteem.  Show the person how it’s done.  S/he will either choose to follow in your footsteps or not.  You need to take care of you.

Here’s to a life of high self-esteem,

Colleen Humphries, RN, Best-Selling Author, Speaker, Breakthrough Coach
Author of Deliberate Creation from A-Z: Living Your Life by Design
Unleash the Power of Your Mind – Breakthrough to Your Success



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The Comparison Leech and the What Others Think of You Leech

The Comparison Leech

This nasty leech is one that you put on yourself and you have all the trouble with this one.  It can erode self-esteem pretty quickly and leave you feeling unhappy with your life – even if you have a pretty good one.

This leech makes you feel like you’re not doing a good enough job with handling your life because it fails to measure up to someone else’s.  Even a multi-millionaire can suffer from this as s/he compares her/himself to a multi-billionaire.

The comparison leech piles on you when you feel jealous of someone else.  You can experience jealously because they appear to have a partner or spouse who treats them better.

You can feel jealously because their house is nicer. Their car is newer. Their clothes are more expensive.  Maybe they have a better job.  Perhaps they can afford to do home renovations that you wish you could do.  This leech could also be called the “Keeping up with the Jones’s leech!”

They get to take lavish vacations to places that you’ve dreamed of going.  This kind of comparison robs you of living your life.  You don’t know what’s going on in someone else’s life and looking at it from the outside can often give you a distorted view.

It could be that you have more freedom than they do; you are not in debt like they are and you’re not dealing with the emotional situations they’re hiding from the world.  You never know what’s truly going on with someone else.

Get rid of this leech by recognizing and being grateful for the good that you have in your own life.  Remember, the more gratitude you feel in your life, the more you have for which to be grateful.  Start celebrating all the great things that are going on in your life, today and every day.  Having a gratitude journal is a great way to keep track of the good in your life. Sounds a little cliche, but it is true.  Let go of and refuse to allow negative feelings to tower over someone else’s seemingly good fortune.

The What Others Think of You Leech

This leech steals self-esteem, and it is created by you – oh yeah!  You are making up stories in your own mind assuming that people are thinking thoughts about you that are less than kind.  You believe that they’re having conversations and your name is being mentioned.

In these conversations, nothing good is being said. They’re surely discussing the way that you look. They’re talking about what you did or didn’t do. They’re discussing rumors they’ve heard about you.

Believing this makes you feel self-conscious and awkward.  It robs you of what could be beautiful friendships and new opportunities because you shy away from these people or you keep them at arm’s length – afraid to say or do something that will give them more fuel to think about you or talk about you negatively.

You can get rid of this leech by realizing that other people really aren’t dwelling on you or your life.  Everyone is far too busy to keep up with someone else’s life.  They have all they can handle with their own.  So stop the story in your head.

Even if you know that someone is talking about you, know this little tid-bit: what someone thinks or says about you is none of your business.  (Say what?)  It goes back to, it’s that person’s opinion and opinions are not facts.  And their opinions have no place in your life.

Stay tuned for the Perfectionism Leech and the Drama Leech tomorrow.

Be true to yourself in your self-esteem,

Colleen Humphries, RN, Best-Selling Author, Speaker, Breakthrough Coach
Author of Deliberate Creation from A-Z: Living Your Life by Design
Unleash the Power of Your Mind – Breakthrough to Your Success


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The Mistake Leech and the Approval-Seeker Leech: Get Rid of Them

The Mistake Leech

You wouldn’t be human if you didn’t make mistakes.  Some people make a lot of little mistakes, while others make mistakes that are pretty big. But you must realize that the mistakes that you’ve made do not define who you are.

They’re not a picture of your future.  Mistakes are simply something that happened that can offer you the opportunity to learn from the situation.  The leech presents itself in this area by not allowing you to move on.

When you make mistakes, it’s often those closest to you who won’t let it go.  They remind you of your mistake and it can feel like they’re rubbing salt in a wound.  They remind you how you tried to start a business and failed, how you ruined your finances, how they warned you that the guy or girl you were crazy about was bad news.

You constantly here. “Do you remember when you did…?  How dumb was that?” Or, “That wasn’t so smart.”

These mistake leeches can be hard to take, but even more so when you’re the one putting the mistake leech on yourself.  You remind yourself about how you failed – how you wish you hadn’t done what you did.  Let go of this self-esteem leech once and for all by telling yourself that it’s over and you’re moving on into the right direction.

Tell others the same thing if they keep bringing it up.  Avoid dragging your mistakes around with you and stop letting others pile them on you as well.  Take a firm stance against having the past thrown in your face to knock you down as you try to better your life.

Know that it is human to err.  You learn and grow from the mistakes you make.  Your mistakes do not define you.  Laugh at them (and yourself)!  Hahahaha!  What a joy it is to be human!  We came here to have fun and experience joy – so start now!

The Approval Seeker Leech

Some people have a laid back personality.  Others have a more forceful personality.  Both  have strengths to offer.  But the problem arises when someone with a stronger personality decides what your life should or shouldn’t be.

They try to make it so that you have to seek their approval in every aspect of your life. When you try to do something on your own, they’re quick to tell you why that won’t work and how it’s not smart of you to attempt it.

What this does is chip away at your self-esteem until you’re driven to come to them for advice and help with whatever you want to do in life.  These kinds of leeches keep you dependent on them for your happiness (and theirs) and you surrender control of your life to them in return.

You don’t need approval to be who you are and to live the kind of life you’ve always wanted.  Your actions are your own and you’re smart enough to reach for your dreams without having to seek approval.

If you don’t know in which direction you should go, take a deep breath and relax.  You will learn. You are capable.  You have all the answers inside of you to know what is good for you or not so good for you.  You have your intuition – you may get that gut feeling or just have a knowing-ness.  Start to listen and feel it more. Your higher self will always lead you in the right direction – when you allow it!  You don’t need anyone else’s stamp of approval for your path.

Ahhh, enjoy the increasing self-esteem that is your birthright.

Colleen Humphries, RN, Best-Selling Author, Speaker, Breakthrough Coach
Author of Deliberate Creation from A-Z: Living Your Life by Design
Unleash the Power of Your Mind – Breakthrough to Your Success

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Are You Aware of Self-Esteem Leeches?

Do you have a self-esteem leech?  That sounds pretty horrible and yet, a lot of people do and, usually more than one of them.

I have had some of these leeches in the past and I have been able to get rid of them over time, sometimes quickly and sometimes slowly.  With persistence I have been able to remove them and catch them quickly when they attempt to sneak back in and take hold – as leeches do.

Because I am all about moving you into a successful mindset, having a self-esteem leech will definitely get in your way of success.

Having a healthy self-esteem means that you have confidence.  You feel sure in what you can do.  You like who you are as a person and you respect yourself. It means that you can see the value of being you.  It also helps in being successful in any/every area of your life.

Self-esteem is important because how you view yourself guides what you believe and how you feel. It also impacts how others think and feel about you – and even treat you.  Unfortunately, there are leeches that can latch onto your self-esteem and drain it dry.  You may not even be aware of it.

You want to protect yourself against these kinds of people, and sometimes, that means making the difficult decision to distance yourself from people who are close to you.

Over the next few days, I will sharing with you 10 Self-Esteem Leeches and how to get RID of them.

The Negative Leech

This is a leech that can be found in conversations.  You can recognize it because this leech will try to make you feel bad about yourself.  The words sound okay, but are said in such a way that they erode how you feel about yourself.

An example of a conversation leech would be, “Your dress is beautiful.  But it looks a little too small; it would look better on you if you’d lose a few pounds.”  This is the sucker punch conversation.

The first part of it was kind and so you were relaxed and open.  The blow came next – and you are caught off guard.  It affects your self-esteem because you internalize it, making what was said about you – instead of the person who said it.

A great response back to help get rid of that leech and also shows your self-esteem is, “What benefit do you get out of making a statement like that?  You have now made the person aware that her/his remark is unacceptable to you.

A leech can only walk away with your self-esteem if you allow it.

People who tell you that you’re ugly, fat, stupid, and/or worthless are self-esteem leeches. Stop giving them any more of your time.  Avoid putting up with these types of comments.

You are not their beliefs.  Those statements are a reflection of them, not you.  But what’s worse than those kinds of negative leeches is when we become our own negative leech.

You tell yourself that you’re ugly, fat, stupid, and/or worthless.  You erode your self-esteem yourself.  No one is born with this kind of self-talk.  You learn it from a self-esteem leech.

Once you adopt their behaviors and you’re saying this kind of stuff in your head every time you have to make a decision, you find your quality of life deteriorating rapidly, and therefore not obtaining the success you want in your life.

Know that you are perfect, whole and complete at all times.  You are doing the best that you can do at any given time.  Tell yourself you are awesome.  I dare you to look into your bathroom mirror and tell yourself, “(Your name) ___________ – you are AWESOME! And I love you.”  “Colleen, you are AWESOME and I love you!”  Do that once in the morning and once in the evening and in a short period of time the negative leech will not bother you any more.

The Social Media Leech

This has become a huge leech and it’s growing bigger and sucking the self-esteem from millions of people.  Social media has opened the door for so many people to become leeches.

One way is they bully and they tear down others, they drain away at the self-esteem of others in order to build themselves up.  They say snarky comments to people that sting way down deep.

Most people take the comments of perfect strangers to heart and don’t take the time to recognize the comments for what they were – the attitude and actions from someone who doesn’t have the capacity for online maturity, or have any manners.

It is best to ignore comments that try to tear you down on your social media sites.  There are many people who consider themselves expert trolls – whose sole purpose is to cause friction online.  It’s their form of entertainment.

Another way social media can be a self-esteem leach if it causes you to look at someone else’s life and wish that were your life.  What you need to remember is that social media presents a false balance of life to the world.

You only get a peek at it.  The perfect house, the perfect family, the smiles and laughter and (possibly) edited photos that don’t show the true picture.  Avoid letting these false representations tear down your self-esteem.

A lot of social media is embellished because people find it easier to present a better version of their lives – and it often greatly differs from reality.  Keep in mind that many people are too self-conscious to speak up about the sad side of their lives.

There are a lot of opinions out there and people like to “share” them.  Know this – opinions ARE NOT FACTS!  People will say and think whatever they want and you do not have to take it personally.

Limit time of social media sites and when you are on them, be happy for the other people who share all of the “fun, happy” moments.  If someone gives you an opinionated comment, let it go.  Send the person some blessings her/his way.  S/he really needs it.

Tomorrow, I will introduce you to the Mistake Leech and the Approval Seeker Leech.

Here’s to your increased self-esteem!

Colleen Humphries, RN, Best-Selling Author, Speaker, Breakthrough Coach               Author of Deliberate Creation from A-Z: Living Your Life by Design

Unleash the Power of Your Mind – Breakthrough to Your Success                                      














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You Can Do This – Make your own Subliminal Audio – INSIDE

I’ve been talking about Subliminal messages this week and with good reason.  They work!  They work on your subconscious mind and that is the biggest part of your mind.  It’s only been in the last eight years that  researchers have really begun to learn how the brain really works, and how it is controlled.

It is amazing!  Do you know that your subconscious mind starts immediately at birth and takes in all the information that surrounds you in your childhood?  You take in so much of “other people’s stuff” and you do not realize that you are doing so.  But one of the most important thing about that is, it – your subconscious – affects you in your ADULT  life!

You are thinking with a child subconscious mind (in your adult life) – I did not say, “brain,” I said, MIND!  Big difference, but OH so Important.

That is why I am all about Subliminal messages.  They work on the down on the subconscious level.  And the good news is you can change your subconscious thinking with subliminal messages, and as one of my mentors, Jack Canfield likes to say, “with effortless ease.”

If you have not done so yet, you can still check out Subliminal360.   You just choose your affirmations, select your background music, and click a button to create your Subliminal MP3.  It’s so easy!  Did I already say, “effortless ease?”

This program makes Subliminal MP3s for you, using your PC. (It won’t work on Macs.)  Sorry Mac people!

Click here to watch it in action, and get your copy:  Sublimimal360.

You’ll get a free tour of the software, and 5 free brainwave MP3s just to say thanks for checking it out. PC users only.)

Here’s to your success – whatever success means for you!

Colleen Humphries, RN, Best-Selling Author, Speaker, Breakthrough Coach
Author of Deliberate Creation from A-Z: Living Your Life by Design
Unleash the Power of Your Mind – Breakthrough to Your Success

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Subliminal Messages: Fact or Fiction?

Get ready for a shock, a statement that might blow your mind and send you reeling in disbelief:

Subliminal messages work!

Despite some bad press to the contrary, evidence exists that proves subliminal messages can be an effective way to achieve a range of goals under certain controlled conditions. If you want them to work for you, here’s what you need to know:


  • Not all subliminal message delivery systems are created equally. Make sure you get yours from a reputable supplier who has been in business for a long time and has plenty of satisfied customers.


  • To make subliminal messages work in your favor, you need to be motivated to change. If you have a passionate desire to lose weight, to quit smoking, or to improve your productivity, for example, then subliminal messaging technology will help you achieve your goal.


  • Using subliminal messages to enable you to make changes in your life is not a cop-out. They’re just another tool you have at your disposal to break bad habits and encourage new behaviors.


Here’s another way to look at it. If subliminal messages don’t work, why is there so much information written about them? Why do so many companies provide subliminal audio and video sessions? Surely if those sessions were useless, people would stop buying them and the companies would go out of business. But that’s not what’s been happening.

The Scientific Basis for Subliminal Messages


Your brain is the most complex machine known to man. It’s so complicated in fact, that even today we don’t know all that much about it. Some things, however, have been known for centuries.


We know, for example, that humans have a conscious and a subconscious mind. In simple terms, your conscious mind is only active when you’re awake. Your subconscious, on the other hand, is always active, and that brings up fascinating possibilities.


In the course of your day, you might hear or see something for a split second. In your conscious state you don’t take any notice of it, maybe because you’re rushing to get back to work after lunch, or struggling to get your car into the supermarket car park, or focused on what you’re going to prepare for your evening meal. You’re busy, there’s a lot to do, and there are only so many hours in the day. Makes sense that you couldn’t possibly focus on every single thing that happens.


Your subconscious mind, however, isn’t burdened by those decisions. It doesn’t have to worry about tonight’s meal, or driving the car, or getting back to the office, and so it’s free to let whatever else is going on around you drift right on in. So even if you’ve been exposed to “something” for a split second, your subconscious mind stores it away and you will be able to recall it at a later date.

It Just Pops Into Your Head

 Ever sat watching a TV quiz show when a question came up that you answered instinctively? Then wondered how you knew it in the first place? It happens all the time. The information goes in, without your knowledge, and then when you need it… bam, it’s there. That’s the power exploited by subliminal messaging technology – the limitless power of the human mind.

The most important thing to remember about all this is that you have to be motivated to want to change. If you really want to do something about your figure, or your health, or your productivity, then subliminal technology will assist you in getting there.

To take advantage of subliminal messages, check out the Subliminal360 app for your PC at Subliminal360-Gift.

Cheers to you!

Colleen Humphries, RN, Best-Selling Author, Speaker, Breakthrough Coach
Author of: Deliberate Creation from A-Z: Living Your Life by Design
Unleash the Power of Your Mind – Breakthrough to Your Success

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Can Doing This for 2 Minutes Really Change Your Life?

Can you do something for two minutes and change your life?  The answer is, Yes.  For this purpose, I am talking about Life-enhancing changes.

Fear is one of those feelings that stops you in your tracks.  It can be all thought-consuming.  My favorite acronym about fear is: FEAR – Fantasized Experiences Appearing Real.

My own personal quote about fear is: “Fear is more paralyzing than a spinal cord injury.”  I know in the past, I have allowed fear to get in my way of my own progress.

If you change your state, you change your physiology.  Fear is physical.  So is courage.  You can make radical shifts by the way you breathe and the way you move your physical body.

Harvard University did a study on changing your posture for two minutes.  What they found is that power poses and postures of high-power cause a biochemical change in the body by increasing testosterone 20% while simultaneously decreasing cortisol (the stress hormone) 25%.


high power poses




high-power pose 3The study showed that changing your body to be in high-power poses for two minutes transforms fears into taking risks.

86% of the participants who used high-power poses were ready to take more risks.

Participants in less-power poses or a relaxed stated had a biochemical reaction as well: testosterone decreased 10% and cortisol increased by 15%.

low power pose

So, any time you want to be more successful and feel more powerful, in charge and even more energetic, do a high-power pose for two minutes and then GO for what you want!  You can move between the different poses to make up the two minutes.  Have fun with it!  What a great new habit to incorporate into your daily morning ritual.

Let me know how it goes for you.


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