Benefits of Smiling

Smile, even when you don’t feel like smiling.

It tricks the body and you start to feel a little better.  Go ahead and smile right now!

Instant face and spirit lift.

Smiling has so many benefits:  improves your health and decreases stress; and it even makes you look better–younger as a matter of fact.  It’s an instant face and spirit lift.   People will wonder what you’ve been up to.  And like yawns, they are contagious.  People around you will start to smile.  Your family will love seeing you smile and your patients  (or clients, customers) will have an easier time, and your body will feel better.  Smiling along with laughing improves your immune system by releasing endorphins.  You be come more relaxed and therefor your blood pressure can go down.

Start a smiling movement.  Make it a rule around the breakfast/dinner table that everyone smiles for a minute or more.  Do the same thing at work.  When report is being given, have time where everyone smiles at each other.  It eases possible tension before starting a shift and it will make for a more enjoyable ride home.

Call to action:  Start smiling NOW!!!!!!

If you are a nurse in Burnout and you have been feeling like you do not have any reasons to smile, contact me at for a complimentary strategy session to see how I can guide you to get your smile on!  Contact me NOW!  Let’s see how I can guide you to the relief you so need to get your life back on track!



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